Hello everyone!

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Hello everyone! I've been stalking this forum for a while now (since the re-reveal of FFVersusXIII as FFXV) and have finally decided to join and eventually participate in various discussions.

I'm known online as Rousteinire and is currently working in the gaming industry as an illustrator/game designer. My favorite game series are Final Fantasy (FFX is my favorite), Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon/Rune Factory.

I'm eager to get to know everyone on this forum!



Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Welcome! Awesome to have a designer on board! Are you lucky enough to work on any RPGs? :D Designer insight into other games is always cool to hear.
Unfortunately no...however the closes opportunity I got with Square Enix was working on one of their first mobile game titled: Lara Croft: Reflections ( I was in charge of various graphic design advertisement and facebook art assets for a couple of months). The game didn't do very well so after the beta testing in two countries, the servers were shut down.

I exchanged email with Square Enix Japan for a quite some time and I must tell you, they are very particular about color schemes and details (One of my banner was in more of a blue hue, they didn't like it as it was too "scifi". Another time was Lara Croft in the game (Reflections) couldn't be featured with a bow as it would confuse the audience with "Tomb Raider" for the PS3).