Help with decreasing Max HP when resting/eating

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Feb 18, 2017
So, I went to a diner and got a dish (I'm a level 12) and it said for level 6 I guess max HP increase by 300. I ate the dish and it DECREASED my max HP by 300 instead. I guess it made sense so I reloaded my last save and decided to rest in this camper on the beach. It DECREASED my max HP by 500-600. I don't get it. Why did that happen?? Please help.


Keyblade Master
Sep 9, 2016
You probably just misunderstood something, i never seen this problem. After you eat a dish your hp temporary increases for next day (24 in-game hours)


SeeD A-Class
Oct 30, 2016
Hello? Does anyone ever respond to people's questions on here or nah?
It can take a bit of time for people to respond, so you have to have patience.

Anyway, do you think you might have had a larger buff active from the previous day? Sleeping in a camper runs out the timer for the previous day's buffs, so that could explain a HP decrease there. I'm not sure whether HP buffs from food stack; if they don't, eating a food with a lower HP boost than the one you already had active could decrease your HP.