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fal'Cie Goddess
Site Staff
Mar 6, 2016
I made an account here a year or two ago when this site just got up but somehow left it inactive. So basically this is a reattempt. ;)

With that being said, the name's Chel. Some of you may have encountered me in places before online, mostly under the username dissasterrific. It's been quite a while but I used to be active in a few Square Enix-centric forums, and I've met or talked to a few members here before. I sort of missed having that type of communication and involvement in a community, so here I am.

For starters, my favorite kinds of games are (J)RPGs and story-based games (like visual novels and its hybrids). Final Fantasy is on the top of everything but I have numerous favorites and narrowing them down is kind of a pain.. Recently I have finished Her Story, and I'm currently playing through a replay of FFVIII and my first time with Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Outside of games I like talking about pop music and animation mostly. More on that later once the opportunity arises. :p

Nice to meet you all!


Apr 11, 2015
Welcome (back), Chel! It's nice to see you around these parts.

By the way, is your avatar a picture of Taeyeon from SNSD? (I used to listen to their music for a short period of time, and her face looks familiar. lol)