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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
UFFSite Veteran
Dec 31, 2014
Hey guys, it's DTL. :)

I had signed up to the UFF9 forum all the way back in late 2003. I was pretty new to the internet in general as well. I don't remember most of the stuff I had done on there..

I'm using a different name now because I'm embarrassed of having used the name "DTL". I had made that back on that forum because of a stupid "anime crush" I had when I was younger. :shifty: I'm way over that now.

What I have been up to: Playing different games, mainly JRPGs. I got into the Kingdom Hearts series when 1.5 came out on the PS3. I really liked KH1 Final Mix. I also got 2.5 when it came out earlier this month, I have really enjoyed KH2 Final Mix.

Last year, I started getting interested in watching Japanese variety shows from finding out about a show that has to do with retro games. I have gotten to be a big fan of that show too (I could talk a lot about it.. :woot:.).

That's about it. lol
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