Heya! CherriBerri, lady of the dead- how ya doin?

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Mar 2, 2015
The Underworld
-coughs- Joking aside, nice to meet you all! I'm CherriBerri a huge time Kingdom Hearts and Disney fan. Funny story- I didn't know what Final Fantasy was back when Kingdom Hearts I came out so I had no clue who the "guy with the leather jacket and gunblade" was, or who "the spiky haired blond wielding the giant sword" was either.

I also didn't understand what the hubbub about Aerith being alive was about xD Years later I found out and laughed, it was funny in my mind! Nowadays I'm still not a big FF fan... Sure I've played a few games (for like a few hours) but FF X-2 probably wasn't the best introduction for the franchise for me :/

I never got to play the more famous titles like FF VII and FF VIII and such but I do have a friend who's a hardcore fan of FF9 so her love of that game rubbed onto me despite never playing it xD I've dabbled in FF4, FF5, and FF6 but was woefully unprepared and died rather early on several times before giving up >>

So why am I here then? Well, two games I'm looking forward to watching (yes watching see as I don't own a ps4 nor can afford one) is FF 0-type and FF XV! I've been semi following the series since I was in highschool back in 06 and now just became aware of it again around this month and suffice to say I'm HYPED! So, I'm gonna just mosey along these boards and (mostly lurk) interact with you fans :>

Who knows? Maybe being around you guys will make me more more interested in the series? :'D Long winded introduction aside- I'm glad to be here and hope to have many fun conversations with you all! ^^

--CherriBerri, Self proclaimed Lady of the Dead and lover of all things Disney!