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Chocobo Knight
Aug 10, 2015
Hey everyone! I joined late last year due to still waiting on neoGAF account approval and because I really wanted to have some like-minded peeps to discuss my most anticipated game ever (maybe my avi is a hint!)
I am a longtime FF fan back all the way to 6, and though I enjoyed what I played of XII, it didn't grab me quite as much as the previous ones (Yeah I ignored the XIII series).

Anyway, I am now quite a casual gamer being that I am a full time musician and teacher. That being said, back when I was less busy at the beginning of 7th Gen, I was super-excited about the announcent of Versus XIII. Little did I know that the closest thing we would experience as the actual realization of that game would take 10 years...

Even though I have very little time for games these days, now that it seems like the wait is finally in the home stretch I got a PS4 so I'll be ready. Everyone seems really cool here, and I look forwards to hanging out and am happy to be a part of Mognet Central. Kupo!
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Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
First and foremost, weclome! You'll definitely fit here with the plenty of members as excited as you for Final Fantasy XV! I'll be seeing you in threads and discussions soon then! :happyboko:
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