How fair is "marketing promise" being broken as criticsm?

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Warrior of Light
I used the term "marketing promises" because that's what they, promises with marketing purpose.


  • A developer promises that certain features only for the final release either not having them or being toned down.
  • A developer shows some features in trailer(s) only for some/many of them being missing or toned down.
To some this is an issue (of varying degree of annoyance), one that merits being listed as a shortcomming of the product.

To people that have this view, I'd like to know why do you put such weight on that?


Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
marketing promises are how expectations are shaped, and when those expectations arent met in the end it leads to dissapointment.

i think its valid to complain about it but some players use it as a reason to trash the entire game (like it happens with FFXV) and thats when it becomes empty hyperbole...
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