How much importance do you give to Metacritic ?

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When discussing about game, chances are that at some point you might have heard about the Metacritic score and how influencial it is, i have seen people use as a factor to support whether how good/bad a game is and if you should buy it or not.
I would to question to you:
  1. Do you give importance to it in your purchase of a product ?
  2. Does the score in it represent how truely good/bad the game is ?
  3. Do you care about numbering score ?


Warrior of Light
As the thread creator, this is my response:
  1. Short answer NO. A bit more elaborated answer, whether i have to decide if buying a game or not, i only need to answer this question "Do you really want the game/Are you interested in the game" ? If the answer is yes/no to either, then i buy/don´t buy it. Whether i regret buying the game or not doesn´t matter too much as i personally have enjoyed games that didn´t score well in Metacritic and not enjoying/being dissapointed with games that scored well in the webpage (GTAV, MGS4)
  2. For me they barely do. Like how can the review of less than 30 critics represent what millon of consumers think ?
  3. Little, only care to know for curiosity sake and nothing more, even less so when some are droping the number scoring.


Warrior of Light
Sep 27, 2013
1. Yes. As someone who can seldom buy game, reviews are important for me.
2. Not really. It depends on the game. Of course, a game with a 90 Metacritic would probably be better than a 60 one.
3. It depends on the reviewer and their scale. Some give 7s to games I would give 5. It matters more the content of the review.

Wazi the pa

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Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
For the first question:

There are some games that I rely on review scores to justify my purchase of the game. Usually, it would be for the kind of games I've never tried before, games that are not my taste but I want it to be, games that I don't want it to be taste but I just say f*** it and see what's all the fuss about and though not often, I may get the game truly because it deserves the massive support.

For example, I recently purchased The Witcher 3 not only because I was recommended by many others but because I was impressed how critically acclaimed the game was, so I had to get it (and it was on sale too). I haven't touched it yet but whether I liked the game or not in the end, I'm honestly glad I bought the game knowing that I've given it the support it deserves to the creators and publisher.

For the second question:

Yes and no. Yes because some or most of the time, I could be wrong (personally) with how I see the game if it's so damn good like with me for Bloodborne.

No because it depends on the game itself and how many people are willing to critically review the game. Statistically, you'd want to see a game being reviewed by a sample size of at least over 3-4 dozen reviewers. But generally, most of the time the metascore of some game have been right so far (to me) like with Fallout 4 getting an 80-ish score which I agree the game should not get any higher of a score like that because all in all, Fallout 4 is just more Fallout. With games lik

Like here's how I see the metascore for games:

60s and below = not worth the money
70s = Fun but has it's own obvious problems that stands out. In short, a fun distraction. A time killer. (Star Wars Battlefront) (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII)
80s = The kind of games everyone would safely get. Problems are least noticeable and you'll have at the very least, a fun time playing it. A game where you'll gladly put hours in. (Fallout 4)
90s and higher = A game truly special. The kind of games that's been crafted so well that in an instant, you're gonna see yourself absorbed into the experience. The games that connects to players more so than other games. An instant favorite to some. Sometimes masterpieces. GOTY material definitely. (Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, OoT, Twilight Princess) (Kingdom Hearts)

For the last question:

That depends on how the person reviews the game. But usually, the review score represents the lasting appeal to the game the reviewer has played. The kind of number that pops into their head when they've finished that particular game, "This was definitely an 8". Of course, it's not like they take that thought and immediately shove it into their review. For some (like the majority of reviewers that matter), they "review" on their experience with the game and from there, provides detail & content to their review.

All in all....... yes, just to get the idea what the reviewers think of the game before reading their reviews in the detail.


SOLDIER Second Class
Dec 27, 2014
1. No, never. I go by what piques my interest or what is recommended by people.
2. Not really. While technical issues are indeed reflected in low scores, other problems are seldomly admitted through the score alone and require an in-depth examination of the review that birthed said score.
3. No. To use a phrase from Yahtzee, "I don't believe in scores because I don't believe that a complex opinion can be represented numerically". I'd rather read a review - or even just the abstract - than just go by the scores which seem more and more inflated these days and especially under the notion that apparently everything under 80 is rubbish in the public perception these days.


UFFSite Veteran
Nov 22, 2013
Kanagawa, Japan
Reviews don't matter unless they are praising a game I like. Then I can go show them to friends to convince them to try the game too. "HAY GUYS! I'm not the only one who likes this so don't look at me like I'm crazy when I say it's awesome. My opinion is totally validated!"

If a game I like gets bad reviews I ignore them lol

And the only time someone else's recommendation influences my purchasing decision is when it comes from a friend or individual whose opinion I trust. A lot of my favorite games, though, I picked out on a whim because I liked the cover (and then if the game turns out to be good I look for more titles by the same creators). I guess I have good intuition.
Nov 7, 2015
2. No. if you asked about the entire reviews themselves, that's another factor. Most games have links to the actual review. I pick out the most positive, to the generally positive, to mix, and then the absolute worst and read them all until i find which was the deal breaker and the deal maker. Even then, i rely on user reviews and see if they agree or disagree.
3. I used to care until i realized people have different metrics, despite trying to use the same 1-10 scale, they just will rate something higher if they liked it enough to ignore it. Someone can give a 9/10 just because a game has to be something impossible to reach 10. or rate it significantly lower but they praised it enough. What they say doesn't match the number they give.