How Much Japanese Game Developers Make

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Warrior of Light
Since this forum is composed of Final Fantasy/Videogame fans I assume most of us are interested in some capacity with Japanese games then this would be of interest to us since this is related to the developers that work on the (japanese) games we like & love to play.

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association carried out the poll, which can be read here in full here.

A total of 1,808 individuals replied to this average 2015 salary question. Note that not all jobs are directly related to development.

Producer (44 replies): 7,673,000 yen (US$76,600)

Director (111 replies): 5,772,000 yen ($57,600)

Software Engineer (919 replies): 5,129,000 yen ($51,200)

Artist (345 replies): 4,451,000 yen ($44,400)

Technical Artist (53 replies): 5,817,000 yen ($58,000)

Sound Designer (58 replies): 5,443,000 yen ($54,300)

Planner (Designer) (162 replies): 4,364,000 yen ($43,500)

Executive/Management (77 replies): 9,098,000 yen ($90,800)

Domestic Sales (8 replies): 5,900,000 yen ($58,900)

International Sales/Support (5 replies): 6,900,000 yen ($68,900)

PR/Advertising (10 replies): 5,610,000 yen ($56,000)

HR (6 replies): 5,617,000 yen ($56,000)

Corporate Planning (10 replies): 7,240,000 yen ($72,300)
Source: original article from KOTAKU.
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