I hope 1 day we will get Nomura's Versus XIII

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Jul 14, 2015
"The basic scenario and story concepts haven't changed that much," she explains, speaking through a translator. "They're quite similar to what they were originally. There have been some changes, small scenario tweaks and the game's functionality itself has changed. But overall, from a musical perspective, the concepts that we wanted to use from the start, they're pretty much as they were. It's kept on the same theme, basically.

Just stop. Please.
Aug 14, 2016
All over
This is my opinion

I am the type of person that was in love with the look of Nomura's version of Versus/XV and i feel that Tabata's version is a massive downgrade compared to Nomura's version i really didn't enjoy Kingsglaive, the opening of FFXV is terrible and the story looks very mediocre, mediocre trailers and with Nojimas story being scrapped is very upsetting to me with all the old Versus XIII and XV E3 2013 trailers being washed down the drain and it just looked so amazing i cannot believe how young i was watching these amazing Nomura trailers i used to watch them everyday and i was so excited for the game and i feel that most of my life is wasted over a game that will never happen and this kinda makes me feel depressed at times.

I really do hope Nomura does get the chance on making Versus XIII again 1 day.
Friendly advice - punctuation.

Nojima's story hasn't been scrapped. It's the whole "Versus Epic", whatever the hell that was, condensed into one game. If the story is mediocre, I'll have to consider the source material.

Nomura had 6 years to realize his vision. It's very telling to me that we never got a game called "Final Fantasy Versus XIII." If the game and concept were as strong as head-canon would have you believe, we would have gotten it.

I'd also be wary of judging something based off a set of concept trailers. "The Phantom Menace" trailer was awesome, and we know how that ended up turning out.


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May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
What is that show? Name please?
Community. I'd really recommend it, even though it has some... rocky developments.

Its first two seasons are my favourite of all time (Season 1 is, hands down, the best season I've ever seen in a comedy show, and 2 is amazing too. Incredible TV). Third one is a mixed bag, but still pretty good. Fourth one is the equivalent of "not muh Nomura's vision" lol, but still pretty bland. The rest is alright.

Also, to be on-topic, it'd be nice it there was some clarity of what actually happened in S-E during the transition of directors, but I know we'll never get it. It's a shame that Nomura doesn't want to talk about it and feels completely detachted from that project (or so it seems from the outside). A great book/documentary could be written/filmed with that information, think about it!


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Mar 18, 2016
Community is.. something really special. Hit it muss at times, but the hits are absolutely amazing.

It's starts off like a typical single camera sitcom, but evolves into something else entirely by half way through the first season. From then through season 2 and most of season 3, it's one of the best scripted comedy shows ever. Cannot recommend this one enough.