Interstellar, Competing Against Gravity

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Is Interstellar a Gravity worthy film?

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Loki Darkstrom

Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Jun 3, 2014
So, it seems this year another space flick might storm in good in 2014, Interstellar! A film directed by the great man, Christopher Nolan. Now I've only seen the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception by him and from those I can truly say that he's got the making of a good director. Ever since last year, Gravity was quite the looker and the movie itself nearly took it all home. Of course this is a new year and a fresh start for any new movies to take on Gravity. Interstellar, is the story of the discovery of a wormhole and the journey of a group of astronauts travelling into what they never could have gone. Well I think I made it quite confusing, see the trailer, the film reels in a lot of heart and emotions which is a good sign. However, simply looking at a trailer can't say everything, no really. All I can say that with a top-notch director and a handful of good actors, it may seem that Gravity won't be holding glory for long. However this is my opinion, what's your response?


Sphere Hunter
Oct 7, 2013
Different directors, different visions.

Alfonso Cuarón is known specifically for his visuals and cinematography, namely his convention of long uninterrupted shots. Christopher Nolan has an iconic cinematography style as well, but is more notable for his storytelling ability.

I think the fact that they take place in space may be the only comparison.