Kingdom Hearts 3 - E3 2015 gameplay trailer

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Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
FFXV+KHIII are the very reason to buy a PS4 !

Also look at the Bishonen Eraqus and Xehanort:oops:

I could hear HMK screaming in the background.
May 26, 2014
I notice that some parts of the footage look somewhat unfinished on the visual side. It doesn't look like we're getting any time soon.
Oh, I didn't mean flat in terms of lighting or textures or whatever. I just meant his hair literally seems more flat and matted down than in previous KH games.

But yeah, this isn't coming any time soon.


Keyblade Master
May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
Yeah, that's what I think as well. I don't if some of the footage shown is final in terms of the design of things.
Maybe that, or maybe we'll get to play with his old outfit for a while, during the beginning? I don't know, I haven't play DDD, so maybe there's no reason why he would use his older outfit lol.

Anyways, it looks really beautiful. UE4 is such a big jump compared to 3 (you could make original looking games there with talent and effort, but it was mostly samey games). I hope, however, that the visuals improve a little in certain aspects, but I wouldn't complain at all if this is what we got.

Gameplay looks really fun. As someone who grew up with the first one (the game that marked my childhood along with, especially, FF IX) and loved the second one, but didn't actually play many spin-offs (nor liked them), I'm quite excited to see how everything fares: both the returning elements and the new ones (as well as those I haven't experienced yet. Hopefully they make a remaster of every game for PS4 right before III's launch).

And the new outfit is cool, I guess, although I actually prefer II's by a large margin. I remember the first time I saw art of Sora's black robes in a magazine, I loved them so much.

Excited about this, hopefully they actually give us more info in less time. I expect something at TGS, I guess, as well as in November. Seems like the project is going well and I trust Osaka Team, so maybe the game will actually release soon (as in, 2017 or so!).


PSICOM Soldier
Nov 28, 2014
But what confuses me is that we see Sora wearing his normal outfit in the beginning of that E3 2015 trailer so why is that KH2 outfit still in KH3....?
This is just me speculating here, but I have a hunch that there may be a new feature, where you can switch outfits, just as easy as you can change what keyblade you want to wield.

Also just to note, to those who feel that Sora's hair seems different:
It is actually. Just like how Riku got a haircut, Sora's hair is progressively changing as well, to show his maturing since the past games. The spikes at the top have been trimmed, the hair in the back has been slightly groomed, and his bangs have grown a little bit longer and are also slightly groomed. It's still bed hair, but neater in a subtle way.


Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
I wonder how they will explain the presence of keyblase transformation from a plot perspective in KHIII and their abscent in previous games ? From a tech its understandable.


Site Staff
Oct 25, 2013
Blossvale, New York
"Sora now has the Mark of Mastery and can thus access powers of the Keyblade he could not until now." This seems like an explanation they're going to go with.
Well, he failed the Mark of Mastery though. Sora goes off on his own at the end of 3D.

I hope the mark of mastery thing doesn't happen offscreen.
Eh, what would they really do? I'm sure they'll have something with it to explain the mechanical differences, but otherwise I don't really see a need to show every detail.