Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Any good?

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Chocobo Knight
Sep 27, 2013
Its one of my favorite games ,great action rpg with three characters and plenty of customization and epic boss battle
Get it together with KH2 in the KH2.5 Remix,these games come with additional content

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
Anyone who plays the Kingdom Hearts series would know that Birth By Sleep plays a HUGE role in the storyline where it tells how the events took place for the FIRST Kingdom Hearts game to happen.
In short for the story, it's filled with fun and really plays your emotions. Trust me, it's as emotional 358/2 Days.

The major difference you can tell between Birth by Sleep and the other Kingdom Hearts game is that you play as 3 characters in which ALL of them play a role in the story and all of them are unique based on their characteristics and such (You will know when you give it a shot).

In terms of its gameplay, Square has tried something new with the game:
Firstly, instead of having the Drivers as Sora had back in KH2, you get the 'Auto Lock' ability which preforms high amount of damages and the condition preforming the ability is very interesting.
Secondly, the level up system and customization system has been changed. In short, it's a nice change and its similar to Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS if you have played it.
Finally, the D-Link. In addition to the 'Auto-Lock', the D-Link gives the player the ability to summon the power of his/her allies and use it in whatever fight the player is. The game explains it better.

Considering how you're so interested with the PSP game, wait a while til December 2014.
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX will be released then and only on the PS3. The HD collection will contain Birth by Sleep AND KH2 as the Final Mix version (MEANING NEW ADDITIONAL CONTENT). Also theres the Re:Coded film.


PSICOM Soldier
Oct 25, 2013
If i say KH2 was better than BBS, i wouldn't be lying but that would be really a biased opinion. In terms of gameplay i think BBS is the best installment in the series (Now maybe after 3D but since i didn't even get to play that, i will not touch that). And the story is mind blowing @[email protected]
My heart is divided by Kingdom Hearts 2 (Naminé <3) and Birth by Sleep. But the topic is about BbS so all I need to say is that's a must play for every KH fan out there.

The characters are awesome and very different, I can't choose my favorite and everyone has a decent and relevant story and motivation. You will finish the game 3 times and will not be bored in a single play.
After playing It I've be thinking If the series would not be more popular if Ventus, Terra and Aqua are the original protagonists...

Don't kill me, I know Sora is important but after BbS his story sounds more like an spin-off of the events that occurs in the past.

If you can wait, december will bring the remake in HD. (And I will play again)