Kingdom Hearts III (D23 Expo 2015)

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Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
Well.... I know I'm glad I slept throught that.

But here is the update roundup:

- Big Hero 6 is confirmed to be in Kingdom Hearts III where it will take place after the events of the movie:

This was followed by an announcement trailer:

- Every Keyblade will have it's own transformation

- Nothing collectible you can get from Disney Infinity physically but players are able to unlock the Keyblade weapon in game once they've collected all figures for the game as the Keyblade is the 'ultimate unlockable'. Attendees of D23 Expo 2015 were given a Kingdom Hearts costume of Mickey Mouse that are exclusive to them and will never be sold in stores.

Other than that...... Yeah, I'm glad I slept through it. This is interesting news..... But just shows that the game is still in the works. Not coming any time soon.