KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

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May 2, 2016
Nice little video sample for the 8-disc OST releasing. The OST's coming on 11 November, includes the music of Kingdom Hearts 3, and music from 2.8, and the two mobile versions of Kingdom Hearts chi.

The track at the end, the track for that particular boss fight from Re;Mind, is titled "Nachtflügel" ("Night Wing")


Forest Owl
Mar 4, 2018
So the Tokyo/TWEWY/Insomnia looking city at the end of KH3 is now revealed to be called
I like the name!
Very intrigued if the bad ending where Yozora crystalizes Sora at the end of KH3 Re:Mind is canon and the next game focuses on Riku and Yozora.

Also Nomura states the next KH will happen near the end of the PS5 generation (if all goes well and they even get the greenlight to make it).
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Oct 26, 2017
Costa Rica
Next year is the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts.

Tetsuya Nomura already said last year in several interviews with Famitsu and Dengeki that the KH Team is preparing various things and that they hope to reveal it by 2022, when it is the anniversary of the series.

In addition, it seems that the title "An Oath to Return: KINGDOM HEARTS" would be the name of the next installment, since it appears in the secret ending of KH3: -ReMind- and in KH: Melody of Memory (something similar had happened with KH: Birth by Sleep in the secret ending of KH2: Final Mix).

Just a reminder. XD