Kingdom Hearts Plot Points,Mysteries,questions that need to be resolved/explained in KH3 (SPOILERS)

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Warning : spoilers for all Kingdom Hearts games previously to Kingdom Hearts III.

The point of this thread is to disscus any important plot point or mystery left unanswered or unreasolve before KHIII and ,if any of us like, disscus how the outcome will more likely be in KHIII. All of this can range from the most heavy important ones to the most trivial (for the plot), for ex: characters relationship between others, universe lore,technicalities to name a few.
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Oct 26, 2013
First point that is obvious: The three heroes from Birth by Sleep which are Terra, Ventus & Aqua.

For Terra, we know that his heart has been lost into darkness, his Vessel has now been taken by Xehanort (now known as Terranort) but his mind reside within his armor waiting & that is located within the Keyblade Graveyard (remnants of the Keyblade War).

For Ventus, Ever since his final battle with Vanitas, his heart was severely damaged in which results to taking refuge within the Vessel of Sora. However, Ventus' vessel remains intact in which Aqua places his Vessel within the Chamber of Waking deep within what's left of the castle in the world of the Land of Departure, which has been transformed to Castle Oblivion.

Finally for Aqua, after placing Ventus' vessel within Castle Oblivion & her battle with Terranort, she is currently located within the Relam of Darkness. We know that many events took place while Aqua was there including the events that took place in Birth by Sleep Volume II. However, Birth by Sleep Volume II is meant to be a separate game but that doesn't mean that the events that took place in that 'supposed' game won't be mentioned in KHIII, which does need to be answered if it does play play a major role.

There has to be a point in KHIII where Mickey tells Sora & others about the Keyblade War as well as the three heroes of Birth by Sleep & obviously, it just might.

I'm not gonna theorize on what the story is going to be about & what's going to happen in there as I want to be completely surprised by it & I don't want to get the wrong or right idea about it. I'm posting the unanswered moments or questions previous Kingdom Hearts games have not answered, that's all.