Kingdom Hearts to release 2015? Goofy voice actor claims it!

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Crystal Power

Keyblade Master
Nov 29, 2013
United States
Whoa, Wait, WHAT!? Kingdom Hearts III to release this year of 2015!? What are your thoughts on this???
Kingdom Hearts 3 may be closer than we expected, according to the voice actor behind one of its central characters.

Bill Farmer, who has voiced the character Goofy for years in both the Kingdom Hearts series and various cartoons, says that as far as he's been told, the much-anticipated sequel is due out later this year. He also claims his voice recording is already finished.

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
Sounds like a trailer to me that will be publicize this year. Could be related to the promised info of KHIII that was mentioned in the KH2.5 launch event.


Warrior of Light
Site Staff
Oct 25, 2013
Blossvale, New York
That video is major troll.

Why, you ask? You will know once you have watched it.
It's not a troll... please stop with this nonsense. I didn't expect to see the footage, nor do I want to see the footage. It's a gift for those people that went. This is a recap of what THOSE people experienced. Maybe I should call them trolls for not uploading the whole thing so I could listen to Yoko Shimomura play on the piano as well... Stop overreacting people.


Jan 16, 2015
Duscae Region
I'm assuming that is it. The latest Kingdom Hearts are HD remasters, can't think of any other game he could be referring to but KH3.

I confess I haven't seen his actual tweet, so I don't know what he wrote. KH3 is still very much in development, but since I don't know what that schedule is like, SE could very well have already completed the script for KH3 and have begun to record lines with actors, for all I know.