KONAMI is (not?) ceasing AAA game production for console.

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Site Staff
Oct 25, 2013
Blossvale, New York
Do people even play Pro Evolution Soccer? I'm sure they do, but it's just another sports game that most core gamers don't give a shit about. I remember how Konami was damage controlling saying Kojima would be making games still etc and they were lying through their teeth for PR purposes.

One one hand, I know what it's harder to make a huge profit on gaming any more given the large budgets with the cost of titles not increasing in years, but I don't get why they suddenly are abandoning it after all these years. People wonder why DLC is so prevalent these days and it's because of this reason... publishers aren't making nearly enough money.

I wonder what will become of Konami in only a few months.


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Jun 7, 2014
Do people even play Pro Evolution Soccer? I'm sure they do, but it's just another sports game that most core gamers don't give a shit about.
And who gives a shit about core gamers if your game is selling millions every year anyway? Honestly, I have no doubt that sports games are more profitable, considering lower production values and bigger audience.

Konami is a sinking ship and, even though it sucks for gamers, they're entitled to make whatever decicions they deem best for their company. Konami owns many big franchises, so of course what they do makes me a bit sad as well, but maybe they could license or sell some of their ips in the future?

On the positive side, at least there won't be a new MGS without Kojima.
Sep 26, 2013
To someone who can take proper good care of them, which Konami management has failed to do.

Personally though, I'd like to see Nintendo acquire Castlevania. They have a strong history with that IP.


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May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
Yeah, I mean, as much I hate recent/current Konami, you can't really blame them: they're a business, and apparently prefer/find more profitable being focused on their gyms, pachinko machines and other products.

I'm really interested in seeing whatever happens to their IPs (nothing good, I'd venture...) and Kojima. I was really dissapointed by MGSV because of its weird and awkard design and story (despite the lovely gameplay. And I guess we're lucky we didn't have another MGS4 levels of story lenght, as mediocre as V's was lol), but I still love the guy despite his many flaws as a story-teller and writer, so I want to see what's next: I could see him as a freelancer in a big company for his next game. If he doesn't retire/tries to be on movies or something, that is.

The biggest shame of this all is that, if their lack of interest in AAA games continues/grows, Fox Engine would be a waste. I really weant to see more of it (preferably in a more linear current-gen only game).


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Sep 30, 2013
Vancouver, BC
My votes:
  • Silent Hills/Metal Gear/Zone of the Enders for SONY.
  • Castlevania for NINTENDO.
  • Suikoden for SQUARE-ENIX.
  • Bloody Roar for CAPCOM.
  • Contra for SNK-PLAYMORE.
I really want Silent Hill to go to a good place. SONY does sounds like a good place to go.

Square-Enix is not an ideal candidate for niche JRPG anymore... Atlus? Level 5 tends to like things a bit more colourful... Hmm...