"Large Company" looking to hire employees for background asset creation, most likely SE

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Apr 11, 2015
A June 17 job ad was posted on Japan's EvoJob. A "large company game maker" is looking to hire 3 employees to develop background assets for a new PS4/PS3/VITA game. Although the ad never explicitly mentions Square Enix, some hints might have given the identity of this company away, namely, the location. This company is located 1 minute from Higashi-Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, which is where SE Japan HQ are located.

It's been speculated that this title may, in fact, merely be World of Final Fantasy, but as far as we know WOFF has not been announced for PS3. XII HD is another possibility, but for a game remaster, do SE normally create background assets from scratch?

Another notable point is that, while these employees will be paid by the hour, the project will be long-term.
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Nov 12, 2014
World of Final Fantasy will not be released on PS3. XII HD shouldn't need background assets made from scratch but there is quite a bit to be fair and at this stage I'd doubt they'd worry about porting it to PS3. Dragon Quest Heroes II is really the only game that fits the bill if it's Square Enix but it's probably not long-term. Hmmmm, maybe Dragon Quest XI?