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Wazi the pa

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Oct 26, 2013
You've had my attention when you mentioned Hamauzu-san as well as the Chrono Trigger writer. It's on my watch list indefinite.

After hearing the music from the videos, Hamauzu-san really has done a fantastic job.


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Dec 27, 2014
So I've put four hours into the demo and here's how it works and some of my thoughts:

  • combat is turn-based with roles assigned to each character (think Dragon Quest with the Paradigms from FF XIII)
  • roles are called "stances", all three characters in stance are called a "formation"
  • formations can be freely configured outside of combat
  • available stances from the demo are: "Guard" (focused on defence, allows for a character to block all incoming attacks), "Attack" (strengthens attack power) and "Support" (raises healing skills and increases initiative)
  • using a stance in combination with a corresponding action (i.e. using "block" while in the "Guard" stance) will level it up
  • actions are divided into two groups: "Arts" and "Charms", both require SP
  • Arts are acquired by using a weapon type during the "Attack" stance (or "Guard" stance for shields) repeatedly, can also be powered up
  • Charms are linked to accessories
  • SP recharge by 1 each turn
  • magic works through forming a "contract" with the respective elementals
  • the contract can be stolen by and from the enemy
  • having a contract nets benefits (water elementals restore HP i.e.)
  • all spells in the demo are charms, requiring a "whispering shard" equipped in an accessory slot to be cast
  • if a character falls, there is a penalty on max hp until the party rests
  • money is best made by selling maps, full completion nets a bonus
  • all characters can use all weapons
In general, the demo made a good impression on me. The fights are simple, though the few harder encounters demand a decent level of preparation and thinking. Exploration is rewarded by granting the player access to funds and abilities. A bit of experimenting is necessary to fully understand the mechanics. The graphics are very nice, reminiscent of Bravely Default albeit the dungeon desgin feels a little better. My only point of criticism so far is that Hamauzu seems to have rehashed some of his music from FF XIII, although the only tune where this is obvious to a jarring effect is the game's victory fanfare, all other pieces flow well with the overall presentation of the game. I like what I've seen and am excited to play the game when it arrives later this month.

Has anyone else played the demo?
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May 26, 2014
Well this is really fun. I am about 3 hours in and here are some of my thoughts so far:

1. Combat reminds of of Final Fantasy 13. AnGer-dono explained it above, but you basically have "stances" (roles) and "formations" (paradigms). Other than that, even normal encounters remain interesting since you actually have to put some thought into what you're doing (you will die if you just mash attack).

2. Level of difficulty is right so far. I died on a ghost boss in the first area (I guess it was more of a mini-boss), but defeated it easily on the second attempt once I was more prepared. Saving often is a must though, since it seems these types of fights with more difficult enemies can show up out of nowhere. There was a little scene before the battle, but other than that I was just running around like normal and then - BAM! - boss fight.

3. Visuals/art direction and the storybook-style presentation are the best part about this game. I like the narrator and the way the environments spring up as you walk like a pop up book.

4. No traditional leveling here, but the SaGa/FF2 "it grows as you use it" feels pretty nice since your characters get upgrades almost every other battle. With enough "training" it seems you can make the characters any way you like, and you'll want or need to have dedicated roles for your party. My character with the highest guard stat also had the lowest HP and, unlike in FF2, you can't attack your own characters (as far as I know), so I'm trying to level up one of my other characters' guard skill for now.

5. There's barely a story, but that's good. I've been pretty busy lately, so it's nice to be able to experience that glorious turn-based gameplay with minimal scenes.

6. That music though.

@AnGer-dono Did you get the full game? Which character did you choose and what's your party? I chose Filmia and I'm using his default party (him, Bianca, and Liber).
May 26, 2014
I ordered the First Print Edition, but it hasn't arrived yet. Probably might have to wait for a bit as it's seemingly shipped from Canada via Air Mail, so it might take some time.
Ah, ok. Well I guess I should just let you know now that the CD comes in a flimsy sleeve instead of an actual case (thanks Atlus!). It was free though, so what can you expect?

Also I was surprised to learn that Meurs is 27.