Menace costlemark elder coerls

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Dec 22, 2016
My stats
9999 hp
1300 attack
350 defense
Zwi crossblades
Ascension tree maxed out

Im using zu dinner. 80%crit rate. Did some tests same damage as golden dinner that gives 100% crit. I assume my base crit + 80% = 100% crit.

So im doing around 3k damage on normal attacks

But zu dinner also gives u 2k hp

Gladio has like 1100 defense and 9999hp. Still insta dies

Ignis has the grand chamberlin elixer when im half hp. Also has 9999hp

Prompto has mostly hp gear

Have several stacks of healcast
Several stacks of triple cast

Im using pierce + overwhelm

I walk into the room with armibar fully charged. It does about 30-40% damage to the elder couerls

I warp attack spam for max dps

But before i can drop the first elder coerl my team mates start to die from the insta kill ability they have...oh ill equip the safety bit. Anyways....Once team mates start to die its over. No techniques to use. And both elders focus on me till they catch pin me to ground

And before i can kill an elder he starts to heal. Can that be interrupted?

Besides safety bit any other advice?

I tried using handgun to see if the ai would change and not run straight to death. Didnt work.

I tried the 2x faster tech bar food 7 seconds per bar and hanging back them only attack with tech abilities. But the other guys just die

I dont know how to do the air step attacks that are listed in combat tree