Mognet Changes & Updates for March '18

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Jul 25, 2013
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Hello! Some small (and not so small) updates to our community for y'all:

  • The FF15 spoilers forum is gone. Its threads are still here, however - they've just been merged into the Final Fantasy forum in general. We think the statue of limitations has now passed on major spoilers being super sensitive, but please do remember to use spoiler tags in a considerate way, especially with DLC and updates to the game that add new story information.
  • We're now running on a newer, better version of the forum hardware. Hopefully you like it!
  • We're also running on and working on improving a new forum skin - this is still a work in progress.
  • We also have new ads from a new ad provider. We're currently tweaking how much members see vs non-members plus exactly what types of ads show and that sort of thing, so bear with us while we try to get that balance right.
  • We decided to get rid of the Trophy/Achievement system. It was just point scoring - literally - so we've got rid of it.
  • Steam Integration is back, so you can integrate with (and log in with) your Steam account as well as your Twitter, Google or Facebook accounts. If you manually created an account you can also use these logins to 'link' an existing account with these services, a great way to back-up your account in case you lose or forget your Mognet password.
That's it! Any bugs, issues or suggestions, please report them - I can then work on fixing them up. :happymog:


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Nitpick, UFFSite V4 Classic has some small clarity problems on mobile:

U.I X (child) layout has one inconsistency with UFFSite and Mognet Central Flat, the former has the alert bell and PM in a separate tab when the later two have it on the front page.

The exclamation sign being the recent What's New function.
Screenshot_2018-04-12-17-56-57.png Screenshot_2018-04-12-17-57-13.png
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