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Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Hey folks! Just a quick little thing. So, I collect video game music. I have hundreds and hundreds of CDs, purchased here and also imported from Japan and other countries. I also have a ton of game rip soundtracks from the net that I've yanked for favourite games of mine that don't have an official OST release.

I - and Nova Crystallis/Mognet/UFFSite - don't at all condone downloading music from games at all. Our recommendation is to buy the OST CDs and support the amazing composers and also send a message to the game publishers that you want to buy their stuff, to make soundtrack CDs a regular release.

That said, I do like to try to share some of my collection and my hobbies. One thing I've done, for years, is streamed. For fun. For friends, and small numbers of people. I wanted to invite you guys at Mognet into that.

So, basically: I'll leave some game music streaming almost 24/7 from my library. I'll make a large depositry of music by ripping my CDs, and as I rip & add them, the library of available tracks will grow. If people like it, I can make it so that people can brows the 'library' of available songs and request it to stream. But it's one stream, everybody hears the same thing, no mp3 files are uploaded to the web - it's radio, basically.

If you hear something you like, head over to Amazon, or Play Asia, or CD Japan, and buy it! The radio stream includes song tags for the specific reason that you can see what game/soundtrack CD you need to search for to the go buy it. :happymog:

I've thrown together a very lazy page here:

It's a bit basic, but I might build this into something more. Thoughts welcome, appreciated. :)

List of current game series' represented in the database:
Final Fantasy
Viva Pinata
Lost Odyssey
Mass Effect
Ecco the Dolphin
The Legend of Zelda
Super Smash Bros.
Gears of War
Perfect Dark
Alan Wake
Time Crisis
Star Fox
Streets of Rage
Punch Out!!
Several Nintendo 'Compilation' CDs
Several SEGA 'Compilation' CDs
Sonic the Hedgehog
If anybody has any requests of specific series' to be added, I can add if I have them in my extensive collection.
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Sphere Hunter
Oct 7, 2013
I did quite a bit of collecting in my youth. Would buy and import very special releases, and would do something a little more dubious for others... Hope this doesn't get my slapped on the wrist, but if anything you see here might fill a hole in your collection let me know.

How long have you been streaming for? JRPG + Radio makes me nostalgic for this: (long since defunct).


Network Boss-man
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Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Back in the day, we had a radio station that ran 24/7.. this was around 2005,6 or so. We stopped, but I'm going to slowly bring it back, I think. :D Square Amp was totally one of our rivals back in the day.

I actually have everything in that image, incredibly! I've purchased and imported a lot. My OST rips from CDs I own, usually at MP3 VBR, stack up to around 120gb...!


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Great work dude... I'm listening here and it bring me back soooo many good memories.

If I had the chance I would like to have a OST collection too, but It's too expensive to get here in Brazil.
It's hard enough to get games with good prices, imagine OST disks or Collector's Editions.