New Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo And Gameplay

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SOLDIER Second Class
May 27, 2014
Luminous 1.4 is insane.
The caves and the weather is beautiful. Impressed with the model work, too.


Warrior of Light
May 27, 2014
All this is going to be playable in the demo. March cant come quick enough. Hopefully the frames and resolution are optimized properly because this game looks better than anything out there right now.
THIS was what I wanted to see. In fact, the scale actually seems somewhat intimidating, especially to JRPG fans not accustomed to environments of this particular size. The barren roads are a bit suspect though; I see airships flying overhead, but the roads are mysteriously bereft of any traffic except for Bumblebee who has stopped to pick up fuel at the petrol station. I wonder what the story reason for this will be.

EDIT: Hold the press! I see another car!

I really want to keep my expectations in check in the event of inevitable disappointments in some shape or form, but...oh flipping heck, now I'm also giddy. If this and Xenoblade Chronicles X can't put JRPGs back on the map in the next couple or a few years, nothing will.

A 360 degree look at Luna has comfortably sold me on her design now. It's recognisably Nomura and it isn't immediately unique, but I love the subdued, more natural, grounded and modest (well, as modest as you can get for someone who is presumably of nobility?) characteristics of her design.
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Fleur has buried her natural cynicism (pessimism?) for one night, so let her put together a list of reasons why we should worship at the altar of the role-playing games.

- Final Fantasy XV
- Xenoblade Chronicles x
- Persona 5
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Bloodborne (does this count?)
- Lords of the Fallen (does this count?)
- Dragon Age: Inquisition
- Kingdom Come: Deliverance
- Hyper Light Drifter
- The Witcher 3
- Tales of Zestiria
- Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
- Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
- Pillars of Eternity
- Atelier Shallie
- Next Mass Effect
- Bravely Second
- New Ys
- Final Fantasy Explorers
- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
- and all the other smaller RPGs I've neglected to mention because this list is long enough as it is, either on handhelds, or on Steam

But back to the topic of, that car looks like it's powered by some kind of anti-gravity machine. Everything else is fine, right down to characters' animations in the car, but it's moving across the surface of the road in a bizarre, unnatural way. It's like it's floating. Maybe someone cast Float on it. Maybe it is powered by anti-gravity. Maybe the engine needs changing or hasn't been completed Luminous!
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Blitzball Champion
Sep 8, 2014
I prefer the versus gas station but I also really like the colorful XV style.

In general this generation seems to come up with lot of very colorful games. Dragon Age Inquisitions, Sunset Overdrive, FF XV, Rime, The witness, Far Cry 4, PvZ garden warfare, witcher 3, no man's sky, wild..... to name a few


SOLDIER Second Class
May 27, 2014
@Fleur Agreed. It's also a lot more colorful and FF-esque. I know it was inspired by the USA from earlier comments, but I'm glad they changed it from what looked like the deserts of Texas and New Mexico to something else.