New WoFF screens

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TRI Mike

Really surprised there's little to no discussion on this wonderful-looking game here. RPGSite posted a bunch of new screenshot introducing two of my favorite protagonists: Terra and Bartz, along with Bahamut, Gilgamesh and other things.

I'm really, really hoping this game will be good. Feels like the art style, battle system and nods to so many past FF things will blend into a great experience.



SOLDIER, First Class
Jun 7, 2014
I've never hated character models in a game more than these blockheads. Which is a shame because I like everything else about WoFF. I'd be all over it if the game used for example FF9-like chibi artstyle or something like this instead.


SOLDIER, First Class
Mar 27, 2016
Two things would have made this perfect:
1)No chibi
2)FF characters join you as permanent members instead. No monster recruiting .