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Hey folks. I just stumbled upon this site while looking for a fairly active Final Fantasy community, since I unfortunately don't have many friends who are as into FF or Kingdom Hearts as I am. So, hello! I suppose I should tell a little bit about myself. I'm a born and raised Canadian gal. Aside from playing video games, my main hobbies include writing short stories and poetry, watching anime and YouTube videos, collecting Play Arts figures (among other nerdy, mostly video game-related things) and going for long walks on the beach. Final Fantasy is my favourite series overall, but a few other examples of games I'm really into are Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, TES IV: Oblivion, the old Spyro the Dragon titles, Persona 3, BioShock, The Walking Dead, Shadow of the Colossus and Darksiders II. I would say JRPGs and 3D platformers/action-adventures are my favourite genres, but I'm open to enjoying a wide range of titles. Lately I've been playing Okami for the first time, which is a fantastic, colourful and unique adventure, and I bought a New 3DS a few days after they came out, so I've been pouring hours into Curtain Call and Pokemon Y when I find the time as well. I cannot believe how addictive Curtain Call is. I could just play that all day without a care in the world.

Looking forward to joining some discussions here. Any ground rules or particular etiquette around here I should know about? Cheers!
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Oct 26, 2013
Greetings & salutations, young one. The community here is very optimistic for discussions & friendly towards newcomers & old. Here's hoping you'll fit in well. Explore what the forum has to offer!

Good luck. :chocowalk:
Mar 30, 2015
hi mate nice to meet you !! im newbie too , im on timeshare attorney business and studying animation , feel free to ask something !