Nightingale just came to say hi.

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Nov 7, 2015
Hi. I'm Nora Nightingale... i am currently in the forums of the official Final Fantasy XV.

And some people constantly accuse me of "kagari" just because i apparently say similar things. So if Nova Crystalis wants to check out my IP and Kagari (whoeverthispersonis) then they can.

But overall i do intend to stay if more people share my views and i'm able to speak about them. So here goes:

I detest Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns with a passion. i absolutely think that Final Fantasy XIII had the worst group of characters in the history of Final Fantasy. This was one of the very reasons why i avoided this specific fan site for community discussions, just because i feared that i would be speaking with only XIII fans.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII i absolutely love because of its atmosphere,themes and willing to challenge Final Fantasy. So when it turned to XV, and after 9 years, we were finally going to get it, right? Well...not exactly, just an empty shell of what it once was with the extra push of tech. Final Fantasy XV (back in E3 2013) felt like it was pushing tech and its themes, not it feels like something else entirely.

My thoughts on Tyoe-0 is mostly "ok". i like it, i dont "love" it. but its a solid game almost worthy of being a main title. The plot was rather over simplified for me.

. Even though i'm a "Final Fantasy" fan, i am not a "Square Enix" fan. I used to be, but i'm not. I felt Square Enix has betrayed my trust far too many times. And that's that. i do hope to talk about other games that are great. I love SaGa, i love old Final Fantasy games (heck, i play FF3 ROM on the NES).