Nintendo Direct - 03.03.2016

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Wazi the pa

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Oct 26, 2013

The presentation will not include any updates on Nintendo's upcoming NX console or mobile.

I don't know if this direct will mention anything of the next Zelda game. I'm biting they might do that in the months to come instead. At the very least, I can tell they'll do some talking on Star Fox Zero.
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Dec 27, 2014
When I grabbed Bravely Second last Friday, the GameStop employee mentioned that Dragon Quest VII is mentioned in their system to be released in May. Now I'm curious if that will turn out to be true, because if it is, they'll definitely mention it here.

Squirrel Emperor

Sep 26, 2013
It's disappointing that Star Fox Zero is apparently a reboot of the N64 game.

The more I think about it, Star Fox needs a new visual style. While Titania and Fortuna look alright, everything else is pretty ugly looking.

Personally not really hyped for it. I've wanted a new Star Fox game but have been pretty disappointed with everything I've seen so far since E3. Just looks like a half-assed effort to me. Looks boring too.

And it looks like Nintendo has lost sight of what a Metroid game is too. I don't know why Tanabe is so into the Galactic Federation Force. I mean... Who gives a shit?

Metroid has always been about one word. Exploration. Never has been about things like story, characters, multiplayer, and completing a ton of short missions. That's not why fans love the games.

It has always been about exploration. It has always been about wander and isolation. It has always been about mystery and discovery. It has always been about looking for ways to progress further into the world, which is typically done by collecting power ups. That's Metroid. That's why fans love it.

And considering the fact that Metroid is a niche IP, you give the fans exactly what they want and make that the marketing focus. But noooooooo! Nintendo has to make things worse by giving Metroid fans shit they don't care for. :(