Nintendo's E3 Presentation - Thoughts

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SOLDIER Second Class
Dec 27, 2014
The new Zelda looks... fine. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is my personal highlight though, followed by the date for Xeno. Nothing new on IR #FE, a new Retro Studios Project or EAD Tokyo's next game. It'll be safe to assume they are already working on stuff for the NX.


Balamb Garden Freshman
UFFSite Veteran
Sep 26, 2013
Portsmouth, UK
I wouldn't say it was boring, just underwhelming. Star Fox looks like its the good kind of Star Fox, and we finally have a release date for Xeno (shame its in December, though).

Zelda and Mario & Luigi also caught my eye, but otherwise it was average. Lets hope we get some more announcements during the week, as we tend to get with Nintendo at E3.
Sep 26, 2013
Disappointing. They even left out games like Fatal Frame and Devil's Third. They also could have generated some hype if they said PlatinumGames was working on Star Fox and Project Guard but they didn't. I don't know who plans this shit but it sucked.

Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles X release date were my highlights. The puppets were pretty sweet too.

The announcement that pissed me off so damn hard was the new Metroid game. Not what I fucking wanted at all.

Oh and Miyamoto said they have some really great Zelda footage but decided not to show it because E3 is about focusing on the immediate future. He must not have been paying much attention to Wii U's life cycle because so many games were announced too early for that platform.

I think it's clear they're preparing for Nintendo NX at this point though.
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