Oh Good Lore: The Mythos and Lore of Eos

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May 2, 2016
This thread is dedicated to the lore and other elements from Final Fantasy XV, and discussion on the topic both before and after release. I'll outline what we know below. Note: quite a bit of this is taken from an earlier post on the now-closed thread "SPOILERS/SPECULATION: Final Fantasy XV Spoiler and Speculation Thread", but this information is still valid. It's just been augmented slightly with extra info.

*As to the most basic lore the game employs, it's using a version of the mythos used in Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy, a somewhat unsuccessful subseries project by Square Enix. Basically; while terminology and all branding was removed to help with marketing, the design elements and basic mythos and themes were retained due to their integral place in XV's original lore. SQEX has since done all it can to distance XV from FNC (including actively contradicting earlier statements on the subject), but they've generally confirmed that it's related if only thematically and at a basic level. (Videogamer.com, Finaland, Famitsu, GameSpot, La Capital Ovidada, Game Informer May 2016 issue).

*The figure in the logo of Final Fantasy XV is a goddess, even referred to as the most important goddess in the world of XV, making her equivalent if not the same as Etro from XIII and Type-0. (GameSpot) A pantheon exists, but who or what they are is still up in the air.

*According to the traditions of the world, the Crystal was given to Lucis in "antiquity" by unnamed deities. They also granted the Ring of the Lucii, which is the only way to access the Crystal's power, and can only be used safely by the Caelum bloodline. (Japanese promotional pamphlet for Kingsglaive) We also now know that the Lucii, the beings within the Ring, are the preserved spirits of previous Lucian kings granted effective immortality. The power of the Lucii, manifesting as the Armiger Arsenal, is passed down through the "bonding of souls", as seen in this gameplay sequence explained by Cor in a royal tomb. We also know, from other promotional material, that the Lucian Crystal is not one of a kind, but for some reason (possibly exhaustion of crsytals as per earlier promo material) is now the only surviving crystal.

*The Astrals aided in the creation of the world and are most likely creations of the world's deities like the Crystal, and have since taken up a haughty stance divorced from human affairs, dedicated to protecting the planet.

*When he was eight years old, Noctis had a near-death experience that marked him with some unknown destiny, referred to as being chosen by the "stars", or rather the divine Crystal. We also know that a being connected to the unnatural Daemon monsters of Eos wanted to have him die, while the Astral Carbuncle protected him. (Platinum Demo, "Dawn" trailer, Judgement Disc Trailer (subbed), Famitsu)

* The world is under threat from the "Plague of the Stars" (translated Japanese term), which will plunge Eos into an everlasting night. This is countered through the blessing of Oracles ("Calmer of Gods" in Japanese), who commune with the world's deities. The power of Oracles appear exclusive to women from the royal family of Tenebrae, and Luna is the latest in that line. (Siliconera, Japanese promotional pamphlet for Kingsglaive) She holds power to communicate with and influence the Astrals, and is burdened with a destiny related to Noctis' role as the "True King". This may be taking a tole on her body, as she appears to be willingly going towards her death. (Judgement Disc Trailer (subbed))