Payoff w/o Setup: Great FFXV Story Analysis Video

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Mar 27, 2016
This guy hit's the nail on the head! Excellent video.

They royally messed up the basics of storytelling and that's why I keep getting frustrated by this game. I see more and more flaws in it every day. Like flaws that should not be there to begin with. Flaws on the basics.

I was so happy when he brought up the final campfire scene and mentioned how if the build-up to that and execution of it had been represented with the same effort in the entirety of the story, the game would have been amazing.

This video is a must watch. i hope everyone here gives it a watch :D
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Oct 7, 2016
Very good video and he had excellent points to convey his perspective on the matter.

The build up was just not there so if someone who has zero idea about FFXV started playing it, I have no doubt they would be confused at certain parts.

As slaint said, I hope the writer will be able to handle the story updates well enough in that the execution of the missing pieces of story come together to form a complete, emotional and tragic tale as was originally intended before deadlines and budgets wreaked havoc upon the production.


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Oct 26, 2013
i just watched the video

totally agree, the story lacked exposition and build-up moments; the actual scenes and dialogue i thought they were good tho, buy way too short and many of them with no real impact.

for some reason, luna's death scene really moved me.

even then, my biggest gripe, more than the storytelling, is how little of the story/lore is present on the sidequests and activities you do in the game.
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Jul 25, 2014
Where was iedolus didn't see him once in the game considering he was main villain in the movie and other characters from kingsclaive, story wasn't told very well if u hadn't watched kingsclaive I'd be puzzled to what's gone on
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Nov 8, 2014
For that new video I want to say story is not lore. Story is not a bunch of historical and culture facts. What's in the universe bible is not the actual story. It's accounts of various events on Eos. FF15's story is about Noctis's journey towards becoming the True King in order to save Eos. The lore, on the other hand, supplements that journey by building upon Eos but it's muddled, confusing, and kinda inconsistent.

Undoubtedly Tabata wanted to take an epic fantasy approach with high end concepts though illustrating this stuff on disc within the given time frame didn't work out so well. I think the problem is there, not necessarily in the journey I spoke of. The comradery between Noctis and his friends is nuanced and alive enough not to be dismissed as nonessential. Having the comradery strongly built in gives weight to where-ever they go. Whether it be dine at a cafe or destroy a god. The game succeeds with that angle just like Tales of Xillia 2. From their perspective they care about each other and fortunately it's not manged through cookie cutter clichies found in anime frinedhsip 101

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods."
— Aristoile

Lord of the Rings has a lot of facts about Middle Earth. But their woven into the party's journey in a way allowing us to learn little by little. what we find out is filtered through the eyes of various heroes. coherence. It's hit and miss for FF15. Tabtat threw us into the wilds of Eos, not relying on much expository to explain the grander scheme of things. It's as if he already excepted us to understand Eos based on details we could infer ingame or gain from another source. noctis never concludes to these details from his journey. we do. similar situation to the Jewel and Her Lapidary book.
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