PERSONA 5 first week sale in Japan

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The following information has been provided and translated by Gematsu, original article here.

Persona 5 sold 264,793 units on PlayStation 4 and 72,974 on PlayStation 3 for a total of 337,767 copies moved during its first week of sales in Japan, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

Persona 5 is the fastest selling entry in the Persona series yet. The second fastest selling title is the original Persona for PlayStation, which opened at 201,147 sales.

The Atlus-made RPG, combined with the newly launched PlayStation 4 slim model and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, pushed PlayStation 4 sales to 96,433 units this week, making up 63.7 percent of the week’s hardware sales.
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Jun 7, 2014
If everything I hear about P5 is true then it definitely deserves good sales.

I'm more surprised P1 is actually the best selling in the series to date. No one ever talks about that game.
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May 2, 2016
260K units sold on PS4 is good sign for the PERSONA franchise.
Hopefully this is not a bad sign going for bigger IPs in japan releasing on PS4.
I've been keeping an eye on P5 stuff, and if sales go on half as good as this over the next two weeks, it should become the best-selling mainline entry in the series' history. As to the other, I don't think so.