Persona 5 - Take Tokyo Tower stream summary

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Keyblade Master
May 2, 2016
While I don't understand much Japanese, I'll give a summary of what I saw in the stream pre-Stalker Club. I'm watching this in BST. Cudos to Persona Central's live blog for helping me with some of the finer details.

- After a while of showing Tokyo Tower in lights with some groovy music playing, we see the two new Velvet Room attendants Justine and Caroline talking with each other about what's coming from the livestream. The Velvet Room is the most threatening design I've seen yet: it's circular with prison cells leading into a central area illuminated by a single spot light. There's a loud speaker sticking down from the same area as the light, and a blue mist swirls around the edges. There is also a blue-gold design on the floor that I can't make out.
- The hostess is the same one from the 2015 livestream. She's got a weird pink mascot character next to her (don't ask).
- It goes into a "standby" mode where the Phantom Thieves making their move (the main event is gearing up to start). Accompanying sirens, of course. It's all very... funny. But then, Persona doesn't take itself too seriously since P4. The music sounds like an infiltration of heist planning tracks.
- The dialogue fragments show they're actually doing the "infiltration". Morgana is navigating from the sound of it, with help from her Persona Zorro. More infiltration music (the soundtrack reminds me very strongly of the tracks from Lego City Undercover, which is so great). I guess this is gonna continue until the main event starts at (for me) 2PM. The tension is killing me!
- Tokyo Tower goes dark! I expected it to turn red. Back to the reporter, sirens sound once again. The tower becomes red.
- Announcement: New trailer. Looks like there's three new player characters, two girls in combat and another providing support. Release date: 2015/09/15.
- Video interview with Katsura Hashino. New gameplay footage is shown. It looks super stylized, and super fun. The menu looks slick, there are sneak attack and platforming mechanics, a fusion between traditional real-time cutscenes and the real-time cutscene types used in Persona 3/4.
- Morgana takes over as host. The opening theme plays in the background, and it looks like we'll be able to hear the lyrics better in the final version. Lyn's voice is hypnotic.
- Announcement: Box art revealed. I can see ten different characters there!
- Announcement: Anniversary Edition, here's the contents. A P5 artbook. A 20th Anniversary album, including track highlights from all the main games in the series, and tracks from P5. DLC personas from the previous games (Orphegus and Izanagi). Likewise, P3 and P4-inspired consumes for the nine-strong main cast, which effects the combat BGM. I'm not sure whether the next item is a screensaver or wallpaper or poster.
- Announcement: P5 Animation - The Day Breakers will air in September 2016. Still looks in its early stages.
- As a celebration of P5's release, P3P and P4G are getting over-50% price cuts.
- A celebratory video showcasing the Persona games (including re-release P3 FES, P3P, P4G, P4A games, PQ, P4D), and finishing with P5.
- Announcement: A concert in August 13, 2016 showcasing music from the series.

That's it! Wow, what a marathon.