Please explain Type-0 story to me (heavy spoilers obviously)

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TRI Mike

I finished T0HD last night and to be quite honest, I'm completely lost. From the Concordia invasion to the end and didn't understand anything at all and even before that point a lot of stuff made little sense to me. I consulted a wiki and some Reddit posts after finishing the game to try and understand a little but there's still a few question unclear to me.

1) How and why did Machina become a White Tiger l'Cie if he was from Rubrum¿ What was his true purpose¿
2) Why did Aria become the general's minion if Milites was the one who shot and almost killed her¿ It made no sense at all that she survived but started kissing the ass of the leader of her attackers.
3) If the members of Class Zero had the opportunity to choose whether to become l'cie or not, why did Rem accept¿ also, why did the Vermillion Bird crystal tried to find a l'cie at that point¿
4) Why was the beginning of the game so heavily focused on Izana if at the end Machina's motivations were influenced by his desire to protect Rem¿
5) Who the hell was Dr. Arecia¿ some wikis claim that she's actually a Fal'cie taking human form (like Barthendelus in the XIII series). What was her purpose¿
6) Is there an explanation to the scene with the samurai that looks like Ace¿
7) Why are Machina and Rem alive in the ending¿ Why does the rest of Class Zero die¿
8) What caused the red sky with the giant monsters¿ And what is the purpose of that red sky/giant monsters¿
9) Are Class Zero's members "created" by Arecia¿ They don't seem to be like normal humans, they also don't seem to have a past before being members of Class Zero, they seem oblivious to how the world works and they call Arecia "mother". That's weird.