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Knight of Death
We've all been there, done that, or received it. When you hang out with certain friends long enough, there's usually a prank cooked up between you at some point in time. You might have masterminded a daring, nefarious scheme to get your own back on someone, or just to laugh at their expense, and put the aftermath of it on Facebook or Youtube. You might have participated in setting up the prank. Or you might have been the target of a prank. In which case, poor you!

So, people. What pranks have you been involved in?

I've only ever taken part in a few small-scale pranks, and this was usually at my first year at university, when we were living in student halls with a bunch of other people before we all moved out with friends into off-campus housing.

The first one involved a rather dopey dorm-mate of ours on my birthday. He decided to wander into the kitchen to get drunk, but forgot to lock his door. Or to have his room key with him. We knew the guy was going to be wasted soon, so we decided that we may as well complicate his night further by taking every moveable furniture and object in his room and relocating them a couple of hallways away to the left. It was actually quite a task, and about five of us including myself immediately began to take everything out of his room, including his bed. We moved the lot into the second hallway to the left and realised that the hallway was spacious enough to arrange all the furniture to "recreate" the guy's room. In the hallway. We then locked his door with the key he forgot to take with him. I don't think he spoke to us again until he was properly sober. And that was at 11am the next morning!

I was almost the crossfire victim of a "prank". Well, it was more like idiots being idiots. Someone decided to throw bleach around the corridor to deliberately burn the paint off people's doors. If I had opened my door at the wrong time, it would have been my face and not the paint to receive the delightful dousing. It was easily the worst prank ever conceived by a homosapian, AND it meant we all had to pay a bit for the costs of repainting the doors. Which I add, they never did!

This prank was at secondary school. I wasn't part of it because this was done by sixth-formers (to Americans, sixth-formers are like erm, your most senior years at high school?), but I have to share it here. Normally in that school, the students about to graduate traditionally come up with a prank on the staff. That year, they decided to have someone sneak onto campus at the dead of night on the Sunday to spray paint an enormous, white phallus on the car park. The following day was when parents would come in for a special event or something. The staff frantically tried to cover up the big number by parking cars on top of it, but it didn't work too well. Later they decided to splash a layer of black tarmac over it, but as it dried, you could still barely see the white spray paint showing through. The headmaster was reported to have commented "mine is bigger than that" when he saw the fella.


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Sep 27, 2013
Biggest prank I've ever been involved in is one of those that either makes people laugh, or make people say "aww that was mean". Anyway here is the story.

Summer before senior year in High School and I'm walking again after an "accident" that happened during Junior year. Me and my best friend at the time Nick decide that I'm going to crash at his place for the night because it was just going to be him and his brother who was 13 at time time (me and Nick where 17 / 19 ). We get the idea in our head that we're going to try and scare him, but we're going to build up the scare to put him in the right frame of mind. We went down to the video store and rented the following movies.

Nightmare on Elm Street
Nightmare on Elm Street 2
Friday the 13th part 3
Friday the 13th part 6
Halloween 5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We wasted no time in watching these movies with Randy (the little brother) laughing and joking the entire time, it was day when we started and of course by the time we where done it was night. Once the movie marathon had ended we proceed to just game or play around on the computer. Me and Nick would often turn to each other, one of us saying "Did you hear that?" or "Did you hear something?" acting like we heard noises outside. Randy was getting pretty freaked out. With perfect timing their dog started barking at the back door for no reason, it was perfect, like she was in on it!

So we tell Randy we're going to go outside, see what's going on. I had left a bag outside that had my hockey mask in it (cut up and painted to look like Jason's from Friday the 13th). We decided to run down to the basketball court that was just across the street in order to plan more, when we did though I ended up tripping and falling due to my balance being pretty bad. The entire right side of my face was messed up, bleeding, stinging, hurt like hell. Nick was like "whoa buddy you ok?" I was, but damn.. it hurt still we used it. We went back inside, and Randy saw my face. He started freaking out "what happened?!" Told him we where looking around and some guy "attacked me from the bushes".

I acted infuriated, like I wasn't going to let "this guy get away with it" and told them I was going back outside, Randy said "if anyone comes in I'll hit them with this!" holding up some wooden sword he got at a Ren fair. So I go outside, and shortly after me not returning Nick comes looking for me. I have my mask on now, I have a fake machete that looks pretty real, and Nick goes to knock on the door because we told Randy to lock it. He asks him "have you seen Josh?" and then I leap onto the porch, holding the machete up, and Randy's reaction is as follows.


He runs for the back door dropping his wooden sword right at the door as Nick falls inside, starts laughing it up, I start laughing and take my mask off. Randy gets all flustered, and then says the usual stuff "I figured you guys where up to something, I wasn't that scared, you got me good but I had a plan too!" etc. etc.

Though now I'm not sure if scaring someone counts as a prank to most, but I always saw it "prank'ish".

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Sep 29, 2013
Last prank I can think of was years ago when I worked in the dairy department at a grocery store. We had the biggest asshole for a manager in that dept. One of the other guys got a hold of the managers cell phone number and would get drunk while we were hanging out and prank call him at 3 or 4 in the morning and say the craziest stuff. The funniest part would be when we were all in the cooler the next day at work and the manager was all like, "Man, I sure am tired. Somebody has been prank callin' my phone a lot lately." Haha, it was so, so hard not to laugh. You probably have to know everyone involved for it to really be hilarious, though. Oh well, that's the last prank I can recall.
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