Questions about Lightning Returns?

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Site Staff
Jul 25, 2013
United States
Hey all.

We've got a set of interviews coming up with the development team for Lightning Returns and we'd like to source some questions to field to Kitase and co. Please try to come up with some interesting, constructive questions - ie, avoid story questions because they definitely won't answer them - and we'll pick from the best ones.



Warrior of Light
Sep 27, 2013
Well, unless they've been answered before (because I haven't followed the info with much interest), +here are my questions:

Why not make the game a fully fledged ARPG? (like Crisis Core/Type-0)
Why costumes and not another type of mechanic?
How do they feel with the XIII series ending?

Maz loa

Balamb Garden Freshman
Oct 2, 2013
You probably saw these questions I posted on Gaf, but I'll put them here just in case:
(Also is this interview just that or a part of some event coming up?)

1)Any reconsideration on a CE for the US?(Maybe like Tome Raider that includes a a PAK figure) Or a modified version of the XIII Trilogy set?

2)The game will come out soon for Japan, but for the rest of us, will you do more gameplay demonstrations? Possibly showing the dungeons you've mentioned?

3) Will there be a demo for the US like XIII-2?

4) Are you open to accept costume ideas for LR down the line?(Aya costume please)

5)Since the FNC is part of this saga and will still continue for XV, would you consider officially translating, for fans of the mythology outside Japan, the video, novellas, or any other supplemental material you've released or will release in some way?

6)Will the trilogy get International versions like the ones made for X/X-2 and XII?

7) Fans, especially those of Lightning, feel that some costumes do the character a disservice due to pandering. What do you think?

8) Lightning will visit Eorzea soon, will she appear in XV as well since it is part of FNC? Haha

9) Will some classic FF bosses appear in LR like XIII-2? Will Gilgamesh appear in LR?

10) Will there be a special edition PS3 for LR like the ones made for XIII and XIII-2?

11) Will the trilogy ever come to ps4 or PC?

12) Are you disappointed or regret anything in particular about this saga?

13) After this, will you and your team work on something new or on unreleased projects like XV?

Leon Aether

Sep 26, 2013
Corfu, Greece
Hmmm very interesting. I hope you get inspired by some of our questions. Here are some:

1. What motivated you to create three games of the same saga with different mechanics regarding progression of the actuall story? XIII was story driven, XIII-2 world driven, LR time driven.

2. Did you get inspired by other games, even non SE, when creating LR? (We know about Luxerion but not the other continents)

3. You think the end is satisfying for both fans and creators? What motivated you to decide that "this should be the finale"?

4. The mythology of FNC is more and better explained in this last installment?

5. Is it LR where Lightning will be used by SE for the last time or will she may be added in future projects too?

6. You think that the time feature will limit a player's need for exploration in this new open world?

7. Will there be any kind of DLC for LR?

8. Will there be a Demo for the Western territories before it launches in February?

9. Did the graphics get improved before the project was finished? What do you say about "the most polished FF in the series"? Does LR meet these expectations?