Recompilation of Robbie Daymon (Prompto) AMA on /r/FinalFantasy (July 15/2017)

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Link to the AMA. From FF related questions to personal life, voice acting roles and random ones. This recompilation will have most of his replies but not all since some of them are just simple comments and greetings for his VA role and career.

Q: I'd like to know what your "holy shit I made it" moment was when you were starting out as a voice actor? Also... any embarrassing con memories you'd like to share? Asking for science... ;)
A: I don't think there's ever REALLY an "I've arrived" moment. I do think when I quit my last survival job 5 years ago, that was a big moment for me. No safety net, you know? The floor is lava, so you'd better not fall!! (that's still a thing right?)

Q: I tried (and failed) to get your autograph twice at Naka kon in Kansas City this year. I was crushed. Will you return to the KC area in the future?
What was your most amusing outtake so far to date?

A: Yeah, that was a tough one. Tokens went quick at that Con. (6 min for mine I hear!) Anyway, I'm not in KC anytime soon, BUT I'll be at Anime St Louis next year... it's only 4 hours....

Q: Hey Robbie, how much do you love Ray Chase? Just a little bit, or a real lot?
A: THIS much... o (that's not a zero.. it's infinity).

Q: Hey Robbie, I'm plunata87 and part of the awesome LAVA fam as well! :D My question to you is: What do you think would be Prompto's most favorite songs? Thank you so much for doing this AMA with us! And I'm so excited for your VA role as Spider Man, congrats!! :3
A: Awwww thanks... Canon his fav song is def the chocobo theme, personally? I think he like Pop music. and maybe jock rock...

Q: For the scene where Ardyn and Prompto switch, did you do takes of Darin's lines as Prompto before he recorded them, and vice versa? If so, is there a possibility we might be able to hear those Prompto lines in your voice in the future, more than just the "Dude, are you seriously trying to kill me" line from the trailer?
A: To my memory, there were no cross over recordings. Darin knew my performance style and I knew his. We both sort of "did impressions" of each other, but in a subtle way. The writing helped a lot. really differentiated who was talking.

Q: How do you feel about pancakes and the memes that spawned because of it?
A: SO WEIRD. You never know what people are going to latch on to in terms of meme's and stuff. But, like, what a great meme to have. Who doesn't love pancakes. personally I could see more. Flood the net with Atechi-kun PANCAKES!!! Smother me in maple syrup!!

Q: Sup Robbie! Im Mady, and a huge fan of yours! I love how you played Sorey in Tales of Zestiria, and wanted to know what was it like getting into character for Sorey and how you came up with the voice for him.???
A: Sorey was a blast for me. First major RPG/ videogame lead. He was just so sweet and wide eyed. it's what made it so fun to see him get beaten down by the world. being so isolated and sheltered, he was like this puppy dog who was experiencing everything for the first time, good or bad. Keeping that naivete and good spirit through a difficult journey is what made him endure, and why I think people like him so much at a character.

Q: Yo Robbie, if you could add any random feature or mod, doesn't have to be serious, to FFXV what would it be? Congrats on the Spider-Man role btw <3
A: I want cross play, where you or you and your friends can control all of the fellas individually. I hope they have plans for it someday. Seems doable after the DLC, but we'll see. Oh. That and blitzball.

Q: FF has such a dedicated fandom - how do you feel about fans' reactions to Prompto and to you?
A: Whenever you do a character in a beloved series you open yourself up to all kinds of criticism and opinions. I'm forever grateful that the response to Prompto has , for the most part, been so positive. it's a really dope fandom. I love y'all.

Q: From your vlogs and streams, your personality IRL is honestly so similar to Prompto! Did you have a hand in constructing/modifying any lines to make him more true to yourself?
A: Weeeeell, I was cast for a reason, you know? But also, then you, as fans of the game, put those qualities on me, because his voice is my voice. :) I am pretty happy go lucky and high energy as a person, but there are traits Prompto and I don't really share. Still, there are certainly aspects of my personality that helped develop the character and English performance as the game went on. The writing changed ever so slightly to suit my delivery and after a few recording sessions we abandoned listening to the Japanese and just trusted the character we were creating in English, which is unusual for a Japanese dub.

Hey Robbie! I love watching you guys on LAVA and your adventure vlogs! What was your favorite thing about playing Prompto? Any favorite lines from the game or the dlc? Thanks so much! Stay weird!
A: I'm tooootally weird. 4 eva. I think last night I discovered my new favorite line... "YOINK!!!!"

Q: Hi Robbie! What's the top 3 things on your bucket list?
A: Hmmmm, career wise, I've already knocked off 2 - "Voice my fav superheros and star in a Nickelodeon comedy" I can only hope there are more to some. My biggest is to create my own animated show.
Personally? 1- I'd live to raise quality children some day, travel all seven continents, and make sure the loved ones in my life stay prosperous, healthy and happy.

Q: What got you into voice acting, what road blocks have been in your way, and what did you do to overcome them?
A: I've been an actor since I was 10 years old, a professional not long after that. It was always my path. I played sports and enjoyed the outdoors and academics, but always knew I'd be a performance artist of some kind. I think the only thing that can overcome the difficulty associated with trying to make a living as an artist, is good old fashioned hard work and persistence. There are a lot of talented folks out there, but the ones that really make it have the determination to make it happen.

Q: Hey Robbie! So, how hard it is to keep a role secret for several years? Does it get really exciting, or frustrating? :p
A: Haha!! I let it slip to family and friends I could trust not to put it on the net. I think some of them had a harder time that I did keeping it on the DL.. Lol. That being said, it's part of our business. Animated shows and VG have such a history of secrecy and such a long productions cycle, you get used to it. ;-) But some days... Whew!~!! You just want to shout it from the rooftops.

Q: Hi, Robbie! Hope you're well today. I'm a little low on questions, so I'm really sorry, but what was it like when you first got to play Prompto? What was it like to play as Akechi and did you enjoy all the pancakes you were given in response to that role? Thank you for your kindness and for taking time to talk with us today!
A: My pleasure. So glad I can be here with you!! The first time was a little stressful. I had just come off of finishing Type-0 and thought I was done with FF. I thought no way I'd be in the next major installment. I think I put a little more weight on it that I should have. Once I got settled in though, and started working with our amazing director Keythe Farley, things fell into place pretty quickly. It was a blast from there on out. Very comfortable and fulfilling.

Q: Okay, so you now you have your dream role (and congrats on that). But if you could pick any other video game series to be a part of, which one would it be? (I'll let you decide if “Anything Marvel as Spidey” is the easy answer or not.)
Thanks for always taking the time out for the fans, we deeply appreciate it. See you at MetroCon!

A: Hahaha!! Stay tuned to my Twitter and you might just find out about any Spidey VG appearances... maybe... I dunno... we'll see....
Really though, I love to work on some P-cap or Mo-cap western stuff. Something like a Last of Us, Infamous, ect. Something I could really sink my acting chops into. That's a fantasy of mine (pun intended).

Q: Hi Robbie! Hope your day is well. I was wondering what the Chocobros' big sing-a-long song is in the Regalia, and why is it definitely Africa by Toto?? ;)
Congrats on being our new friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and please send your dad well wishes from Canada! Have a great day!!

A: Awww, thanks so much.. Dad's still in the hospital in surgery recovery, but things are looking better every day. He's the best.
Hahaha! Done. Africa it is. And Danger Zone. And Holy Diver. And Lights. And Stand By Me. And Wake me up before you go go.

Q: Hey Robbie! Just finished both Episode Prompto and Persona 5 a couple nights ago, and loved both. Awesome job on both. Akechi was kickass :)
Anyway, I was wondering, what's your favorite part about voice acting? If you could do it all over again, would you still choose it as a career, or would you have done something else?

A: Thanks so much! You're on a killer JRPG kick. I like it.
My favorite part about voice acting is getting to do characters that I would never be able to play on TV and Film and Theater. Would I still do it again. Absolutely. I hope my career continues to evolve though and I get to have more challenges in different areas of the career.

Q: What were your first thoughts on the character of Prompto?
Also, can you really do whatever a spider can?

A: I reeeaaallly didn't want him to be a 2 dimensional comic relief trope character. Thankfully, neither did the localization team. I think that artistic agreement is what shaped him into more of a relatable, sympathetic and "Human" character.
I lay eggs. Doesn't that count?

Q: Hey Robbie! Nice to finally get to ask you something :p how did you like the soundtrack in Episode Prompto? Imo I.Loved.Them. it really fit the character ~
A: The guest composer is now one of my favs. STUNNING music.

Q: robbie!! will you come to sabakon? it's held in las vegas! haha it's my second time asking, but i refuse to give up. even if you can't come, i will be waiting for that one day,,, :')
A: Ooohhhh SNAP!! I went to college at UNLV. I'd LOVE to go. The best way to get us to come is to petition for us directly to the COn via facebook, twitter, ect.

Q: What do you do to help with your stress, nervousness, and/or anxiety?
A: Pet/walk my dog, snuggle my GF, play video-games, read a book, go to the spa, workout, and remind myself that quality of life is more important that whatever I'm stressing about. Bask in whatever love you have in your life.

Q: Robbie! You have no idea how much I look up to you! I have a VERY important question for you!...What type of boxers do you think Prompto wears? eue Does he wear them when he sleeps, or would he rather have nothing on at all? Sorry for the weird question, it's just I couldn't think of anything better!
A: What fan fiction is this gonna go in?... :p Let's say, boxers with little chocobos on them. Def sleeps in em. He's a shyguy.

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Q: Hey Robbie, love your take on Prompto, hes easily my favourite boybander! But this is something I just gotta know... Do you also share the popular belief that prompto is in love with noctis, or do you think he really just believes theyre just bros? Does that potential tension shape how you voice him?
A: Hmmmm. I think I'll stick with the canon idea and director's vision that this story is about brotherly love. I think, yes, Prompto loves, Noct, but no necessarily in a sexual way. But hey, it's fiction, so ya'll do you, and ship who ya like!! ;-)

Q: Oh man, I really hope you see this but anyway...hello! Congrats on the Spidey role!! My question is: if I send you my copy of FFXV for your signature, would it be too much to ask if you can get the rest of the chocobros to sign during a LAVA session? If this happens, I will never pray to win the lottery ever again because I'd have felt I won it. =D
A: Hahaha!! Yes!! Directions on who to send me something to get signed are on my FB actor page. I'm slow, but I'll get it back to ya eventually! ;-)

Q: Hi Robbie, one of your Australian fans here (I'm in US right now on holiday, so no, it's not 6:30 am for me lol), just wondering, what countries out of US have you been to, whether it's for cons, or just general holidays?
A: Oooo, several, but I'm working on upping my numbers. I spend a lot of time doing theater and summerstock at a time in my young life when I could have been traveling, so I'm making up for it now. I've been to Australia though!! And New Zealand. Canada, Mexican, El Salvadore, Costa Rico, Brazil, Peru, and a few others. :) Still no Europe!!! Can you believe it!!??!

Q: not VA related, sorry! but i was wondering what your favourite music is?
A: I'm a HUGE elctro funk, smooth groove kind of Guy. I love Chromeo, Daft Punk, ect. I also grew up on soul, R&B, Hip Hoo, Rap, classic rock, metal, ect. I really love all music. I usually pass on country, but I'll listen if I HAVE to... (like when my GF plays it...)

Q: Hey! Love your work!! I'll be a veterinarian in a few years, and I'm curious if there were ever any special animals/pets that have impacted your life (for better or worse; this is a safe place lol).
A: Awww, I had a BUNCH of pets growing up.. mostly dogs. I was a country boy and we had county dogs. It was a great way to grow up. My cat Link is how I learned responsibility as a young adult. I scooped him up off the streets of OK during summerstock in 2004, and we've moved all around the country together. He's my homie. 13 years later and we're still BFFs. My staffy Zelda is my first dog that's actually mine. She's a handful, but the sweetest lovergirl in the world. Pets are the best for empathy and understanding.

Q: Hi Robbie! I tuned into the LAVA stream for the 1st time everrrr last night and you guys had me in stitches. Love ya weirdoes. Anyway, do you have a favorite FF and FF character generally? I think you had mentioned before that you loved FFX, but curious to find out if that's changed since then. All my best to you and your dad as well! ❤
A: YES!!! FFX is my favorite FF and one of my favorite games EVER. My fav FF character is Tidus. ;-). YES!!! FFX is my favorite FF and one of my favorite games EVER. My fav FF character is Tidus. ;-). Ooo.oooo... or Auron. I dunno.

Q: Hello! I am a huge fan of your work! Do you have any tips for someone that wants to go into voice acting?
A: YES!!! Concentrate on the "Acting" part first. take classes, do workshop and learn to love it. ;-) Also check THIS

If you had to play any other guy in FFXV, who would it be and why? Even if you don't think your voice would fit, still go for it! :D
A: Duuuhhhh... Trash Jesus!! I LOVE bad guys. I could never do as good a job as Darin, but I'd sure have fun trying. Plus we look a little alike too! ;-)

Q: Do you have to prep for emotional scenes (episode prompto, of course) or does it come naturally?
Also, please tell me an Eng dub of Brotherhood is happening! Everyone's keen for it! (Kickstarter definitely will work)

A: I rely on my training for emotional scenes. I trust the story, character, and given circumstance. Voice acting requires you to be emotionally flexible in a lot of ways that traditional acting doesn't. Thankfully my training in grad school was very well suited for this type of work...
Man, I'd love to dub Brotherhood. From a marketing and business standout thought, I can't see Square ever doing it... BUT, who knows!! Maybe!

Q: Who do you prefer? Cindy or Aranea?
A: Ooooo baby, Cindy is my kinda girl...

Q: Oh hello! Yay this is a thing! Hi! I'm Abby! I've been watching Lava since the second stream, while cursing myself for missing the first.
Anyways, my question is a three-parter. What was the most difficult scene to record for you? First as Prompto; second as Goro Akechi; and third overall. Thank you!
Also, like 80% of everything I've watched/played so far this year has had you in it, just out of coincidence, and every time I'm super impressed! Keep doing awesome work!
P.S. my friend that doesn't have a reddit account wants to know what you think about Prompto x Aranea

A: Hmmmm..
Prompto? The reunion scene after he's rescued. Akechi? The 2nd transformation scene, just from a vocal standpoint (you know the one, no spoilers)
Thanks!! I'm working had to stack credits and position myself in a good place in my career. Onward and upward!!
I'm coo with Prompto x Aranea, but Prom x Cindy is the OTP...

Q: How do you think Prompto and the rest of the crew's life would have been had the Imperial Forces not sabotaged the treaty signing and actually signing?
A: I dunno, that's hard to say. I think they'd all have stayed close buy never really grew as much as they did in this journey. Noct was kind of spoiled and they are all sort of immature at the beginning. As terrible as the events were, sometimes its the hardships that force us to grow and grow closer together.

Q: Hey Robbie! Asking this on behalf of DemonPixieRhi, do you have any warm up routines before you record your lines?
A: yes!! I warm up using a mix of singing and vocal exercises. I working right now to create a free guided track from performers to use as a warm-up tool.

Q: Hey, Robbie! I'm Eli. Is there any aspects of Prompto's character or backstory you wish you would've known from the beginning? Do you think knowing what you know now would have made you take him on in a different manner? :)
A: Hmmm, I'm not a big believer in created backstory, but knowing a charaters history does inform SOME things. I'm one of those actors that says everything you need to play a character is right there on the page for you.

Q: I've been wondering, whats something you DONT like about Voice acting? Do you get sore throats a lot? Ive always wondered.
A: Yup!! Workplace stress on your body and voice is one of the more unpleasant things. Also I'm REALLY not that big on tropes. Archetypes fine, but super tropey characters hurt my brain. Even in Anime, I do my VERY best to make the characters feel real, which can be tough sometimes in that medium. Honestly though, I still love it, and view those things as more of a challenge than a complaint.

Q: Hi Robbie! I was lucky enough to get your autograph when you were in Wellington, NZ. BTW I owe you $20 for that, so if you are ever in town again, I will somehow, some way, pay you back!
My question is if you had to go on a road trip like the Chocobros, who would be in the car with you?

A: Hahah!! Consider it on me. :)
I would need a biiiiiiiiiig car. Maybe a stretch Escalade? I'm really bad at picking between my friends. ;-)

Q: Oh jeez it's actually tough to think of an question.. um... how about your favorite part of playing Akechi?
A: I love the idea of playing ulterior motives in a VG. It's a classic acting technique, but to have a secret in a scene is one of the greatest and most challenging tricks for an actor to have. I love that aspect of his character!

Q: hey robbie! do you have any plans to come to england any time soon??
A: I may very well be there for an unannounced movie premier, sometime soon. Or not!! Lol. To MCM you want LAVA to come hang out, and I'll be there! :)

Q: Hi Robbie!! Your performance as Prompto was fantastic, and I'm a huge fan of your work as Gaelio in Gundam: IBO as well!
If you found yourself in a Final Fantasy world from any of the games, what kind of abilities/fighting style would you like to have?

A: Oooo, I would DEF be a tanky bruiser like Auron or Gladio. I'm a big guy. That'd totally be my style. ROBBIE SMMAAASSSHHHHH!!!

Q: Hey Robbie! Rei here! :)
Is there any particular moment in your voice acting career that's really stood out to you, something memorable that really made you go 'wow'?

A: My first guest star on an animated show was pretty huge. It was 6 or 7 years ago or so on Transformers Rescue Bots. Full group record. When I walked into that room of actors who were icons to me at the time, I almost pooped my pants. It was bigtime. Check the cast and you'll see what I mean...

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Q: Seeing as you voice Joe in Digimon now, do you think Prompto and Gomamon would get along?
A: Hahahah!!! TOTALLY. Gomamon is so freakin CUTE!!! Prompto luuuuuuvs cute stuff.

When the boys stay at The Leville etc they only have two beds between the four of them. Which chocobro do you think would be the worst to bed share with and why?
A: Haaaa!!! I love it. Gladio. I bet he's a snorer... and prob smells a bit...and takes up too much of the beds. if there's not fan art out there of a snoring bedhog Gladio with prompto huddled up in the corner of the bed, I'd be VEEEERRRYYY surprised. I know what you all get onto out there on the internetz...

Q: Hey Robbie! Any absolute favorite voice acting roles that you've done? Or any characters you've voiced that you feel you identify with the most? :)
A: I know the internet was not to nice to that show, but SwaySway from breadwinners is still one of my favorite. I got to sing, act with great actors, do some comedy. It was really fun. I also enjoy Prompto of course, and relate to him a lot, because we share a lot of similar traits. Akechi is a fav too, just because he's so complex. And oooooo boy, are you guys in for a wild ride in this Spidey show. it's gonna be SO much fun. Some great emotion moments in that one too.

Q: Hi Mr. Daymond, big fan here. I remember meeting you at Louisianime a few years back in your "Voice Acting 101 Panel." I tried (emphasis on tried) to voice Mikleo while you voiced Sorey. So my question is, people's voices sound differently to themselves than it does to others. When you're formulating a voice for a character, be it pitch or intonation or bass or baritone, do you just go off of what of what you hear or do you record it and play it back or have some other method for determining if it seems "right" so to speak? Also, congrats on landing spiderman man!
A: Oooo, good questions. I have a few tricks in the bag. Voices I've been work-shopping that are usually more cartoony, I'll want to see if they'd fit a certain character. Sometimes I use the character art to come up with something new. If I'm auditioning for a new characters, I usually do several takes and when I'm editing make choices about what I like and what to send off. When it's a character closer to my natural speaking voice, like Prompto or Spidey, I still play with pitch a bit, but concentrating more on the acting portion of it, because I know they're looking for something similar to my own tone. It's more about creating the character!!!

Q: Hey Robbie! Don't really have a question, just want to congratulate you on your Spidey role! He is my fave Marvel hero too!
I only know two of your roles yet and they happen to be two of my favourite characters, who are also two halves of two of my favourite video-game ships: Sorey and Prompto (the ships being Sorey/Mikleo and Prompto/Noctis). Unfortunately, neither is officially "canon" (and they probably will never be so), but they are both really well developped (and, in my opinion, FFXV lost a great opportunity of entering the 21st video-game century by allowing us to actually choose who Noctis romanced: Luna, Iris or Prompto).
I'm not one of those people who ships m/m in everything at all, I just like good stories and good developped romances that feel realistic to me, be they m/m, m/f or f/f, but I find it funny how you ended up voicing in two of my favourite (and best developped, in my opinion, even if not official). I wish more games stopped being afraid of making things possible (mainly where m/m and f/f romance is concerned) because it sucks that some of the best ships are never official and the only (same gender) official ones there are are... so poorly written or really tasteless and stereotypical, like people stopped being people just because of their feelings for another.
Anyway, going on a tangent here! Looking forward to getting to know more of your work (I only watched Sailor Moon in Japanese, sorry!) with Persona next. And Spidey, of course!

A: I totally get where your coming from. Personally, I think it depends on the type of game or show. While I agree there should be plenty of opportunities for people of all genders and sexual orientation to ship/romance whomever they'd like in-game, or through their own fiction, ect, these form of entertainment are for the masses at large. They need to be accessible for everyone. I think no matter what choice you make in canon fiction, there is always going to be some people who are disappointed they didn't get the option they lean toward. "Shipping" in entertainment is an odd phenomenon. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fun for people and I'm very glad it binds the community and creates new outlets for people to participate in the fandom, but I don't think it should overshadow the larger themes and plot of the game/show/film. Perhaps if FFXV had been more about romance or dating and it was excluded I'd see the gripe more, but outside of a few boyish comments, and Noct and Lunas preexisting relationship, romance didn't have to much to do with the plot. In my opinion, it was more about brotherly love, filiety and growing up than anything else.

Hey Robbie, huge fan of your work!
If Square remade every Final Fantasy pre IX, what would be your top three picks for the characters you would like to voice and why?

A: Cid - So I could be in all of them... :) Sephiroth - Cus it's good to be bad Squall - Cuz who doesn't want to be a handsome guy with a gunblade?

Q: I read all of your replies in your voice - why is that?!
Okay that's not my real question... Now that you're Spider-Man, is there another dream role you're chasing that you will be so excited about just like how excited you are for being Spidey? Lame question, sorry. YOINK~

A: Not Lame at all. I'd like to do a Legacy voice, like a Looney Toon Character, an original character in a high budget Mo-cap western VG, an INSANELY over the top cartoon character in my own show like Spongebob, and a primetime adult comedy show.

Q: what has been your strangest request/weirdest fan interaction?
A: Butt-signing...

Q: One more question! Do you have any personal headcannons about Prompto as a character or his personality that isn't stated or shown outright in the game? Anything about him personally you've imagined yourself? :)
A: I think he has trouble sleeping. Like the anti-noct. Just can't get his mind to stop racing when he lays down.

Q: Figure I might as well throw another one in. So, when you're creating a character be it for auditions or whatnot, how much do you usually have to go off of? Concept art? General character role/idea? For some projects I'd imagine you get more freedom than in others. Sorry for hogging up the AMA so much, but that time at Louisianime has actually inspired me to really try and become a better actor and is something I really aspire to.
A: It all depends on the show and how far along it is in production. Sometimes you have art, sometimes not. usually thought, you do have some description of the character and the vibe of the show.

Q: If you had the chance to go to the world of FFXV and meet all the bros, what would you do with them? :O
A: MONSTER HUUUUUNNNNNTTT!!!!! Maybe fly the Regalia there...

when playing through ffxv, did you play the dungeon doors too? if yes, what did you think? i only have two left, and the costlemark door is supposed to be extra difficult!
A: Oh man... Costlemark is on my list. It's one of the last dungeons I have to complete. I'm just grinding and leveling up before I take it on. :)

Q: So Ray did play Wiz back in Episode Duscae. Did you double up as any other character in the FFXV universe?
A: Ooooo, sneaky sneaky... YESS!

Q: Sorry for the flurry of questions, but this is the most important...If Prompto was a Disney prince, which one would he be? And what is your personal favorite Disney movie?
A: Prompto - Flynn Rider (Akechi - Prince Hans...) My Fav Disney film is Robin Hood. :)

Q: Hey, Robbie! Big fan here. Loved your work in FFXV and especially in the recently released Episode Prompto.
I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but I'm an admin at, an FF fan site, and am attending EXP Con this October. How would I go about requesting a group interview with all four of you Chocobros for our site? Is that something that you guys would even be up for at a venue like that?
Thanks in advance, keep up the amazing work, and I hope good things keep coming your way, Shortstack!

A: Thank for reaching out. The best way to do that would be to reach out to the con itself. I'm certain they'll have a press department that handles schedules and interview requests. cheers!

Q: important question: do you watch the walking dead??
A: Heeeeeck Yeah!!! Caught up! :)


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Oct 26, 2013