Resonance of Fate - Opinions?

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Sphere Hunter
Mar 18, 2015
I personally found it fun, the story is a bit weak, but the gameplay is pretty top notch, it's got a bit of an SRPG feel to it, almost like Valkyria Chronicles (if you've played that).
Hero actions are deliciously over the top, lots of customization options for weapons, the battle system is not single-focused, as in, the game allows for multiple approaches to most combat situations, the soundtrack is great as well.

Also steam-punk setting \o/
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Balamb Garden Freshman
Mar 13, 2015
I really love this game!!!, the battle system the weapons they use the characters how you go about unlocking it's tile structure it really is a challenge to play for me i haven't completed the game yet after all the time but i won't give up on it.

P.s off topic: Two other games i hold close to my heart are Folklore for PS3
and The Last Remnant for xbox 360 i still play these three game today they are sooo good to me!!!.
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Flash Over

Chocobo Knight
Mar 7, 2015
NL, Canada
I played it for 10 hours, and then never looked at it again. It has absolutely no plot and the battle system is ridicuously bland. Worst 5 bucks I've ever spent lol