Rest in Peace Satoru Iwata of Nintendo (December 6 1959 - July 11 2015)

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PSICOM Soldier
Oct 1, 2013
He helped so many great games happen. He didn't want some to be forgotten even though the previous games didn't do well. He was truly a great man.
RIP Satoru Iwata.
Sep 26, 2013
This is a pretty big loss. One thing I’ve always liked about Iwata is that he was all about the games. He wasn’t just a man in a suit. He was a gamer as well. He cared about the fine art of game design. He cared about people having fun. He also cared about the employees too. Instead of laying them off like so many publishers do today, he wanted them to stay, create games and have fun. He used to be a programmer so he knows what it’s like. It’s something that sets him apart from so many businessmen in the game industry.

Also, this man saved Earthbound. If it weren’t for him, we’d probably never get to experience Shigesato Itoi's creation.
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