RPG Site Log In issues

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Sep 26, 2013
So I been trying to log into RPG Site for a while now, I used the same user name and password I been using and thought that maybe I somehow forgot my password. I even went to UFF and saw that nothing was wrong with it. So I tried again at RPG Site and I keep getting an error message saying "Wrong Password".

I have also ran into a few other problems where I tried to go to the platform category

I wasnt really sure where to put this seeing how the foumes doesnt have a bug report section yet. I have already contact the team about this problem back in August and havent heard back from them since :\ Is there any news about a site update or maintenance going on or something that might be causing those problems?


UFFSite Veteran
Site Staff
Jul 29, 2013
We are actually not using it anymore. That's why we shut down registration on the forums. We are moving to an entirely new system, so rest assured we are replacing it. =]