[Rumors found on the web] 'FFXIII: Lightning Collection' & 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII HD'?

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SOLDIER Second Class
Sep 20, 2014
Santiago de Chile
Guys, I hope not to be braking any rules of this forums, but while browsing through the web I found this picture that supposedly dates from the last E3:

I know we have to take this with a gigantic grain of salt (specially because creating those kind of images isn't that hard at all), but is there any chance of something like this happening? I doubt so, but... is there any? My inner fanboy is roaring right now and some of you seem to have a lot of info, so...

Is there any?

Source of the picture: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/syst...llection-ffxiii-collection-coming-t-31381030/
Sep 26, 2013
That FFXIII collection caused quite a scare when that image popped up.

Just some guy taking advantage of all the weak people out there. That's all.


PSICOM Soldier
Oct 25, 2013
You know fans should really quit hoping that FFVII HD will be released anytime soon even if it is in production or that they'll announce it. I'm sure SE has learned their lesson by now and that is "Not announce a game and make gamers wait for like 8 years". If there is such, we'll eventually know it. If not, it shouldn't honestly matter.