Silent Hills officially dead

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Sep 26, 2013
Home console market is not sustainable anymore. AAA games today need to sell 4-5 million copies in order for publishers to continue investing into the IP. The only IP Konami has that qualifies is Metal Gear Solid, which I guess is why they plan to continue on with it. No other IP comes close.

It's definitively not some conspiracy theory that there was bad blood between Kojima and Konami. Other key guys have left too like Iga and the guys behind Love Plus, which did very well from my understanding. This is all about the money. Company is cleaning house and restructuring. Kojima probably wanted to do something different cause all he's doing is Metal Gear Solid games. Upper management has different plans. They seem to want to leave the home console market for good. Other then Metal Gear Solid, which will be under a different director now, they don't really have much to offer.

It's understandable but at the same time, upper management needs to be blamed as well. They've shown that they're not capable and have no idea how to take good care of their IPs. They really need to go.

Konami right now is being operated by a bunch of guys who don't care about gamers anymore. For us fans, these are the worst type of people to be in charge of a company like this.

Sucks about Silent Hills. I really loved the P.T. demo and what they were trying to do. Survival horror games lately have been comical and it seemed like that they really wanted to create something that scared the living shit out of people and psychologically mess with them. That dream is dead.

Time for Konami to sell their IPs.
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Wazi the pa

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Oct 26, 2013
Don't wanna it flop up like THQ...... Well Konami is well prepared but their gaming branch is looking to screw up.... Or has....
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