Small glitch regarding the alert notification system

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Warrior of Light
This might be a pedantic request but this is a small issue that I´ve been noticing for a while.

Whenever I have a thread being watched I´d get alert notifications when someone else posted in it, then I´d put the mouse on the top right corner to display the alert list, click on the thread that I was alerted, be sent to it and finally the notification would either dissapear (if there was only 1 alert) and reduce in number (if there was 2 or more alerts).

Now onto the glitch:

Sometimes, instead of going to the top right notification feature I would go to the watched thread directly (from the front page board, then to the respective subforum, then to the respective thread I had in watch mode) and once I am on the thread the alert notification on the top right would not dissapear/reduce.

EDIT: Just got screenshots showing what I´m experiencing
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