Square Enix's History of Trolling

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Warrior of Light
May 27, 2014
Square Enix has trolled us so much in the past decade
First at e3 2005 when they showed FF7 on ps3 only for it too be a tech demo
Then Playstation 4 confrence. " We have a new final fantasy game but wait till e3 please be excited." While showing the same tech demo we saw at e3 2012.
Then at the PSX they knew that everyone wanted a hd remaster of ff7 they get us excited and then Hashimoto says its the PC version while laughing at our pain.
Then today they uploaded this
Is there any reason to withhold this footage I mean I know its a present for the people who went to the event but you can show it now. But no they continue to troll.


Sep 8, 2014
Imo they truly believe that these announcements get the fans excited.
I don't think they are aware of beeing a "troll" in these situations at all.


PSICOM Soldier
Nov 28, 2014
About Square trolling i will use this quote :

"In other words, the story does not trick the player, it is the player that tricks himself"--Hideo Kojima
Of course Kojima would say that, he is the king of trolling and screwing with people's minds. Lol, it's just slightly more frustrating, the way square does it. Kojima makes you mess with your own head and emotions, and usually for a profound reason. Square does it directly, and shamelessly. Then again, i'm sure they have their reasons, what ever those reasons are.


Knight of Death
I say they HAVE to be aware they're deliberately doing this. I said this just as the PSX event ended last month, because I refuse to believe anyone of SE's magnitude cannot see what they are doing. Subtle trolling isn't their thing.

When the FFVII thing happened, there were a lot of commentators arguing that the fans disappointed themselves. There was no reason to expect an actual FFVII remake in the works, because at no time has the company ever genuinely cultivated expectations for one, so they only have themselves to blame for riding the hype balloon up to the clouds only to fall back down to earth a minute later. I don't disagree with this viewpoint, but I also think it absolves SE of doing...well, what they did on that stage that day. It was how they announced it. Hashimoto came up and deliberately elevated the announcement he was about to make as something critically significant. Naturally, many people were blindsided into believing, even for a tiny flicker of a moment. If this was not deliberately machinated, which I highly doubt, then holy shit, how tone deaf a company are they?

I don't see it...? What's the troll?
Presumably we're the ones being trolled, because SE are still refusing to publicly reveal the trailer for no apparent reason.

Though you're right. Technically the video itself doesn't feature any trolling. The fans presumably saw a new trailer and were more than pleased about it. It would have been a genuine troll if after hyping it up a bit by the on-stage announcers, the KH3 text appeared on the screen only for "more information to come in 2015" to flash without showing anything.


SeeD A-Class
Oct 28, 2013
I would say Square-Enix is just having troubles with proper marketing rather than outright "trolling" as some might call it.