"SW Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" trailer

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Oct 7, 2013
Rosebud, SD
Super Ultra Mega Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird Hyped. There's so many theories flying this way and that online about this trailer it's insane. I am definitely looking forward to it and the week before it drops I'm going to go on a media black out as to avoid what happened the November right before episode VII came out...stupid spoilers in a comment section that had nothing to do with Star Wars...

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Aug 14, 2016
All over
The trailer looked pretty cool. However, the trailer for Phantom Menace was also good, and I ended up hating that movie (and the rest of the prequels).

On the plus side, the Force Awakens was a good movie (even if the beats were way too similar to A New Hope). Given that and the trailer, I expect we'll be in for an entertaining movie, at least. It's very doubtful it'll be better than Empire Strikes Back, but I'd wager a good amount of money it'll be a damn sight better than Attack Of the Clowns...err...Clones.