The Final Fantasy XIII / XIII -2 General Discussion thread

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Sep 29, 2013
If you would like to state why you don't like it, or would like to share why you don't think it's a good game, please go here. While we do respect your opinion and your right to dislike the game, either as a whole or a FF title or however you feel about it, this thread was made with the idea of no truly negative opinions, and a general thread where the XIII fans could discuss the game without having those in that thread.

If you're a fan and you have a minor annoyance or something. For instance, I will talk a lot about Sazh's episode in XIII-2 and that games lack of haste and how it just bothers me. If you have a minor annoyance, but can also talk about the game in a positive light, you're free to share that.

Please put anything pertaining to LR in spoilers. Caius is avoiding LR like the Black Plague. Although for the time being, somebody could start a thread about that game discussion specifically if they wanted.

XIII/XIII-2 has been out long enough, there WILL be spoilers in this thread pertaining to those two games.

If there's anything else I should add to the OP concerning what and what shouldn't be here, or if I'm overstepping my boundaries, let me know.

Now, who wants to get the ball rolling?


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Jul 29, 2013
There's a discussion going on there. We'll keep a close eye, but please understand that opening a new thread won't change people's behavior. =]
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