The Witcher 3 VGX trailer

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Mognet Newsbot
Jul 26, 2013
During this evening's annual VGX (formerly Video Game Awards) event, CD Projekt RED showed off some more footage of their upcoming hotly anticipated RPG, The Witcher 3.

The new video shows off one wicked-looking bad guy that looks like he came straight out of Dark Souls, but also some of the wide open locales that the game will include. Needless to say, the game continues to look amazing....

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Knight of Death

...I'm currently at the Vizima swamps area of the first Witcher game as well. While that swamp on my laptop is a dull, grey, generic-looking location, this screenshot - providing it is a screenshot, and not a heavily-doctored bullshot - is just sublime in comparison. I adore that sunset lighting to bits. It's close enough to perfection.

I only hope the console version of the game looks at least 75% as good. Of course, nothing beats having it run at the fullest possible settings on a gargantuan powerhouse of a PC with multi-thousand pounds worth of hardware parts, but I'm not going to acquiring or building one of those things anytime soon.

Right, this is more motivation for me to finish the first one and steal someone's PC or Xbox to get to speed with the second one.


UFFSite Veteran
Site Staff
Jul 29, 2013
CD Projekt RED did say they're doing some amazing things with the consoles so I would expect a great experience on there as well. Don't know if you've seen Witcher 2 yet, but you'll find out just what these guys can accomplish.