treasure planet world would be awesome.

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Balamb Garden Freshman
Jun 9, 2015
id be shocked if they did it.

but the moon port could be some sort of hub town, and surrounding rural areas, you could glide in the sky with the air solar sailor, maybe thats where you learn how to transform the keyblade into a vehicle.

you fight on ship, you can solar glide around,

you end up at treasure planet (which is a world within the kh3 world map), and you have treasures there connected to other disney and or KH elements, maybe something related to kingdom hearts as a treasure there, maybe its involved with the pieces of the X-blade.

i think it would be sick. i loved the characters and the settings, very underrated. and that supernova scene on the ship, would be epic to see, gliding through it or just seeing it.

maybe Cid from FF could be on the moon-town as well.

(when sora comes into the treasure planet story, Jim hawkens and crew are already at the moon port waiting to leave or somethin)

i think it sounds sick.