updated:revised ( for those highly knowledgeable on 'sweet' FF characters that do and say lots of 's

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Jul 6, 2017
this is updated/revised:

hey so im trying to design a FF-based character and it's really hard

im going to try my best to describe the 'feel' of this character's personality, these are in priority order

1) says and does things that are **amazingly sweet**
>actions or sayings that are motivated by the character's innate personality, not by external forces/factors

2) says and does things that are **so positively playful**
>unexpected & surprising things (actions & sayings) motivated by pure joy (internal) & not done for any external purpose/or end

3) says and does things that are **kind**
>actions or sayings that are motivated by a sense of the selfless

4) says and does things that are **thoughtful & considerate**
>really thinks about things (all things, including people and ideas)

5) says and does things that shows **smarts & creativity**
6) while not needed, it would be a amazing if the character, showed that they were **inventive**

if i had to 'type' this character, i would go with.... hmm... hmmmm......................

* **has a child's heart & a child's innate inspiration, which is curiosity** (character may itself not be a child tho)


which character's personality best matches and comes closest to this 'feel'?

* **each qualities above are in priority order, so a character would do & say 'sweet' things more often than they do & say 'smart' things, but the character has all of these**

ppl tend to say that the characters in some types of media aren't very complex (like humans are), so it may be hard to find a personality that has all of these

the best decision means that one options out of all options is optimal, or comes closest to this 'feel'


what would be a character whose personality best matches and comes closest to this 'feel'? - female or male, up to you

for example, if you say,

>**"out of the all the characters i know, there is not any character that is sweeter than this one, and matches this description the best"**

then that's it! =)

* **would you please link to youtube clips / or quotes so we would be able to see if the character fits this 'feel'**

**be creative!!**
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