Upscaled FMVs of older games, particularly FFVIII

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Mar 17, 2019
Has anybody seen the videos uploaded by this user on Youtube?
He is putting up some amazing stuff, this past month, with that whole "Machine Learning AI" thing that people are using on games with prerendered backgrounds like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy.

Well apparently it can be applied to video too and he started uploading some FFVIII FMVs using this method. The opening looks amazing with this, upscaled all the way to 4K. Unfortunately, even though the videos are uploaded at "60fps", they still clearly look like the PS1 15fps lol.
I commented on this video if he would do a fullscreen version of FFVIII's credits amateur footage thing, if he had time, and he went and did it.

It looks really good, although the tech isn't perfect, sometimes faces come out very strange when they are far from the camera because in the original PS1 video, they were so blurred and out of focus, the tech doesn't know what to do with it. You can see the same thing on the Silent Hill FMVs he did with the machine ai upscaling.
Anyone with a TV that can use the Youtube app and supports 4K will be in for a treat as that is what he uploads all the videos at.

I was looking back through his videos and within a year ago he did already upload a lot of FF FMVs at "remastered" quality but I don't know how he was doing that and a lot of them looked pretty good already without the machine ai upscaling.

Just thought I would create an account here to let people know about this if they were interested as I'm sure he will do FFVII and FFIX FMVs at some point or even if somebody asked him to do one specific video.
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